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Białowieża National Park

17-230 Białowieża, Park Pałacowy 11


Białowieża National Park is the only area in Poland that was enlisted at natural UNESCO list. It is the oldest National Park in Poland which was created in 1932. The area of the park is 10 517.27 hectare. The park protects the last primeval virgin forest in European Lowland region. In the park there are more than 4 000 species of plants and more than 8 000 species of animals. Among them there are 120 species of birds and 52 species of mammals. Still, the most famous animal in Białowieża is European Bison which is also the park symbol. In the park there are many touristic and educational trails that can be visited with national park guides’ supervision. There are also two very interesting sites worth visiting a modern natural history museum of the national park and bison sanctuary.

Białowieża National Park

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