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8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Eagle Pharmacy

30 min Plac Bohaterów Getta 18, 30-547 Kraków


Exhibition at the Eagle Pharmacy is located within the limits of the former ghetto area. It commemorates the Holocaust of Krakow Jews and the personage of Tadeusz Pankiewicz, the owner of a pharmacy and an eye - witness of the tragic events. Pankiewicz and his staff (Irena Droździkowska, Aurelia Danek-Czortowa i Helena Krywaniuk.) were the only Poles allowed to live and work in the ghetto. Over the two years of the ghetto's existence, Apteka Pod Orłem became an important center of social life as well as aid in acquiring food and medicine, falsified documents and avoiding deportations. Currently, the Eagle Pharmacy is a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow. The exhibition shall occupy all rooms of the former pharmacy.

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