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Janowiec Castle

Lubelska 20, Janowiec


The castle is situated about 66 km from Lublin (about 1 h drive), 71 km from Radom (about 1:20 h drive) and also only 6.3 km from popular among tourists Kazimierz Dolny. The fortified castle in Janowiec was erected in late Gothic and Renaissance style in 1508-1526. In the 18th and 19th centuries it become a ruin as at the time owners didn’t have enough money to maintain it and even sold the castle’s furniture and elements of décor. Currently, the castle is home of Nadwislańskie Museum and is being constantly renovated. In 3 chambers at the ground floor there are exhibits connected with the castle history, tourists can also visit an armory. Janowiec castle is also an amazing viewing point to the surrounding area, Vistula valley and castle courtyard. Therefore, if you nearLublin area, Janowiec castle is a must see spot.

Janowiec Castle

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