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Krasiczyn Castle

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Krasiczyn Castle is situated about 1:20 h drive from Rzeszów (72 km). It is one of the most magnificent examples of Renaissance-Mannerist architecture style in Europe. The building was erected at the turn of the 14th and the 15th century. It was built in a quadrangle plan with an inner courtyard. The characteristic features of the castle are 4 various corner towers. The castle walls are covered with Sgraffito murals. The paintings fill the area of 7 thousand square meters of the castle walls. Currently, in the castle there is a modern hotel with conference centre and a restaurant. Some parts of the castle are available for tourists that can see it with a guide. Available interiors include for example a chapel, tomb, dungeons and torture chamber. Guided tour takes about 50 minutes. The castle is also surrounded by a picturesque park with a bird pond and a charming linden alley

Krasiczyn Castle

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