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Magura National Park

Krempna 59, 38 – 232 Krempna


Magurski National Park was created in 1995 to fulfill important ecological function of a bridge between protected areas of Eastern and Western Carpathians. The area of the park is 194.39 km2. 90% of the park are forests. The highest peak is Watkowa 846 meters above sea level. In the park there is an interesting rock sanctuary Kornuty and also famous and popular rock formation Diabli Kamień (Devil’s Rock). The park can boast about 800 plants and 200 animals. We can encounter here: a bear, elk, wolf, lynx, wild cat, beaver, deer, bat, otter, muskrat and raccoon dog. Among birds the park can boast the highest population density of buzzards in Poland. Tourists apart from strolls along tourist trails usually see numerous Orthodox churches, the dam lake in Klimkówka, Magurski Waterfall, Devil’s Rock, I World War cemeteries and museum in Krempna. On trails tourists also often encounter roadside shrines, stone crosses and holly statues. Magurski National Park is an attractive area, really worth visiting.

Magura National Park

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