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May weekend


„Long Polish May Weekend” in Poland is the 1st and the 3rd of May (almost all shops are closed). The 1st of May is a Labor Day, the 3rd of May is the 3rd May Constitution celebration (Polish constitution, signed on the 3rd of May 1791, was the second in the world just after American one and the first one in Europe) and also Catholic holiday of the Blessed Virgin Marry the Queen of Poland. For these holidays most Poles hang Polish flags at their houses and all the state offices do the same so, you should be prepared for lots of flags everywhere. The 2nd of May although, it is not official bank holiday is the Day of National Flag (if it is working day, majority of people take 1 day off work to enjoy some spring free time). On the 1st of May there are also some street marches organized by left wing parties and on the 3rd of May there are lots of patriotic gatherings with politics and army members participation in various places, usually somehow connected with Polish martyrdom sites. Moreover, for most of Poles it is long awaited spring break where they spend their time with their families on sightseeing and short city breaks and relax. Therefore, be prepared for lack of availabilities in hotels and queues in major touristic attractions. Recently, it has also become the beginning of barbeque season, where people gather by grills with their friends and family members. Finally, it is also an important date for garden lovers who have finally some free time for tidying their gardens after long winter season. All in all, Long Polish May Weekend is something that all Poles usually really wait for.

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