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Narew National Park

Kurowo 10, 18 – 204 Kobylin Borzymy


Narew National Park was created in 1996 to protect overflow areas, marshlands and land areas in Narew river basin, at about 50 km river length. The park is located in Podlasie region to the west of Białystok city. The park area is 6 810.23 hectares. The animal symbol of the park is western marsh harrier bird of prey. The headquarters of the park is the 19th century palace in Kurowo where tourists can see exhibition about natural and cultural qualities on Narew river. In the park tourists can use canoes and rowing boats. Motor boats are forbidden. There are about 58 plant communities, mainly of bog type. The park is also home of many endangered bird species eg. a white tail eagle and a ruff. There are 203 bird species in the park, 154 of them are nesting in the park. There are also 34 species of mammals for example an ermine, a polecat, a beaver, a deer, an elk, a wild boar and 21 fish species and 13 amphibians. Narew National Park is a place really worth visiting.

Narew National Park

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