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Obwarzanek making workshops

30 min Ignacego Paderewskiego 4, 31-157 Kraków


Obwarzanki are traditional parboiled dough rings that tourists can meet in many parts of Kraków’s Old Town. They are part of the city’s history for over 600 years. They are loved by natives, tourists and of course by numerous Kraków’s pigeons. We offer obwarzanki making workshops during which you will learn how to make this famous product. The workshop either in English or in Polish lasts for 1h. There is also possibility of short version of 30 min. Workshops can be combined with local food tasting. You will also leave the workshops with your own personally hand made Obwarzanek. Interactive Museum of Obwarzanek is only 600 m from the Main Market Square and really worth visiting.

Obwarzanek making workshops

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