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Ojców National Park

Ojców 9, 32-045 Sułoszowa


Ojcowski National Park was created in 1956 as then, the sixth national park in Poland. Currently, it has an area of 2145.62 hectares and its buffer zone has 6777 hectares. The main aim of the park was the protection of Prądnik Valley with caves, plant and animal life in this area. The land of the park is built of Jurassic limestone created about 150 million years ago. Such a geological structure created favourable conditions for developing of caves. In the park there are about 700 of them. The most famous one is Łokietek Cave. In the park there are also deep canyons even up to 120 m high. There are also 950 plant species and 1200 animal species. The most interesting animals are bats. There are 19 species of them living in Ojcowski region. In the park we will also find architecture monuments such as Pieskowa Skała Palace and Ojców Castle ruins. Visit in the park can be easily combined with a trip to Kraków as this old Polish capital is only 20 km from the park (30 min drive).

Ojców National Park

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