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Pienieny National Park

240 min Jagiellońska 107B 34-450 Krościenko n/Dunajcem


Pieniny National Park was created in 1932 to protect fairly small group of mountains from Czorsztyn to Szczawnica towns and Dunajec gorge in this area. The park area is 2 346 hectares. The most famous peaks include Sokolica 747 m above sea level and Trzy Korony 982 m above sea level. In the park there are 35 km trails among them walking, cycling and skiing ones. Still, the most popular attraction of Pieniny is rafting in Dunajec gorge. There are also anthropological attractions such as castle ruins in Czorsztyn. Flora of his fairly small area is very diverse. 167 species of typically mountain plants were noted and also 2 endemic species. There are also 7 thousand animal species here. The most interesting ones include butterflies species and bats. Lots of tourist claim that Pieniny are the prettiest mountains in Poland.

Pienieny National Park

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