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Radochowska Cave

Radochów, Lądek-Zdrój, 57-540

Radochowska Cave
Radochowska Cave


The Radochowska Cave (Polish: Jaskinia Radochowska) is one of the largest and most interesting caves in the Polish Sudetes mountains. It was established in the Złote Mountains, inside the Bzowiec Mountain (697 m above sea level). The Radochowska Cave was created in the Pliocene (5–1.6 million years ago) by washing out water-soluble marbles in the lens of white marble. Currently, the cave can be visited in the company of a qualified guide. The sightseeing route is approx. 300 meters, but the total length of the corridors is over 500 meters. Part of the route must be overcome by squeezing through tight gaps, which is an additional attraction. The cave consists of a narrow Liaison Corridor, almost parallel to the slope, running almost horizontally, and several transverse, shorter corridors, numerous recesses and chambers. The most attractive is the so-called The Gothic Chamber, located on the extension of the central entrance. It is made up of a triangular room with a karst lake with an area of approx. 30 m² and a depth of approx. 2 m. The cave is not illuminated, therefore each participant of the trip receives a helmet with a headlamp during the visit. Inside, the temperature remains constant, approx. 9 ° C. The entire cave is protected as an inanimate natural monument.

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