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Royal Wawel Castle

50 min 5 Wawel Street, Kraków, 31-001


It is the old residence of Polish kings situated in the hart of Cracow at Wawel Hill which is a Jurassic limestone rock rising at the left bank of the Vistula (Wisła) river. During the first Polish kings raigns from Piast dynasty Wawel was one of the first royal abodes. In 14th century when Kuyavia Ladislas the Short (Władysław Łokietek) was crowned and moved to Wawel the new Royal headquarters was established. The golden age of Wawel castle was during the Jagiellon rule, especially during rains of such kings as Sigismund III the Old (Zygmunt III Stary) and Sigismund Augustus (Zygmunt Agust) who were fascinated by Reneisance movement in Europe and wanted to give their main abode really modern character.

Royal Wawel Castle

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