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8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Tempel Synagogue

30 min Miodowa 24, 31-056 Kraków


Tempel Synagogue is situated at 24 Miodowa Street, which is only 500 meters from the Old Synagogue at Szeroka Street. It is one of 4 synagogues in Kraków but services aren’t held hear on regular basis. The building was erected in 1860-1862 in a rectangle shape in a Mauritanian-Renaissance style. Later on the synagogue was rebuilt twice in 1883 and 1924. During World War II the Nazis devastated the building. After the war it become the synagogue again and regular services were held here up till 1968. In 1994-200 the synagogue was thoroughly rebuilt and it currently has lavish decorations. Tempel is not only a religious site but also Jewish heritage and culture center. Nowadays it is a place of meetings and concerts, as it can host an event for a few hundred people. Tempel Synagogue is a place really worth visiting in Kraków center.

Tempel Synagogue

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