8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Tropical Pools Binkowski Resort

1 d 42 Wojciecha Szczepaniaka Street, Kielce, 25-043

Tropical Pools Binkowski Resort


The Tropical Binkowski Resort Pools are located in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, in Kielce. These are the first tropical pools in Poland. The entire complex is 1,200 square meters of water in recreational pools - 3 water slides and two water playgrounds for children. The complex also has a restaurant and bar. All this among real tropical palm trees. The opening of the second stage is still ahead of us, and with it other attractions. Cooling pool, seven saunas, brine pool with hydro massage, 2 spa tubs, rooftop pool and another restaurant. One of the sauna will be the largest in Poland and will accommodate up to 130 people at the same time. From the outdoor Summer Pool located at a height of 20 meters, visitors will be able to admire the beautiful panorama of Kielce. Tropical pools in Kielce will be divided into two zones - loud (for families with children) and quiet (only for adults), thanks to which all guests will be able to spend time according to their preferences. The facility will have a retractable roof, which will allow visitors to enjoy the sun's rays on summer days, and in winter, it will provide a great and comfortable rest.

Please note that ITS-Poland works with groups only (10 participants and more).

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