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Wielkopolski National Park

Jeziory, 62-050 Mosina


Wielkopolski National Park was created in 1957 to protect post glacial geological and natural environment. Currently, the park area is 7 584 hectares. It is situated only about 15 km from Poznań. The park can boast almost original ancient pine forests. There are also 32 tree nature monuments. Every year the park is visited by more than 1 million people. There are 5 walking trails and 7 tourist-culture paths that combined have length of 85 km. The park also offers 100 km of roads available to cyclists and 30 km of roads available for all horse riding lovers. Among anthropological attractions there are 2 manor houses from the 19th century in Szreniawa and Trzebaw and castle ruins on Castle Island in Góreckie Lake. Wielkopolski National Park is really worth visiting in Poznań area.

Wielkopolski National Park

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