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Wolin National Park

Niepodległości 3a, 72-500 Międzyzdroje


Wolin National Park was created in 1960 as the first Polish seaside national park. It covers central-west part of the biggest Polish island - Wolin. The park area is 10 937 hectares. Forests (mainly pine and beech) amount 42.5 % of the park, water ecosystems another 42.8 %. The symbol of the park is a white-tiled eagle. Apart from beautiful beaches with moraine hills (cliffs are even 95 m high here), tourists usually visit: the European Bison Show Pen, Natural History Museum in Międzyzdroje, Fortified Town Remnants in Lubin and V3 Bunker in Zalesie. The highest point of the moraines is Grzywacz 115.9 m above sea level. Very picturesque point is also Świna delta with multitude of small islands. Tourists also visit lakes, especially Turquoise Lake near Wapnica. There are 5 viewing points in the park: Gosań, Kawcza, Zielonka, Piaskowa Góra and Grodzisko Lubin. There are also 4 trekking tourist trails, 2 ecological trails and 3 bicycle trails. The Wolin National Park is also a bird sanctuary of European importance. There are 230 species of birds noted here. Wolin is an excellent place for summer seaside vacations.

Wolin National Park

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