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Wrocław Dwarves

2 h Wrocław Rynek


One of the most original Wrocław’s attractions are Dwarves. They started to show up at Wrocław’s streets in 2005 when a sculptor Tomasz Maczek designed first five figurines. Nowadays dwarves are designed by artists from all parts of Poland. Right now there are over 300 dwarves and their numbers are constantly growing. Dwarves become even Wrocław’s iconic symbols. Tourists and Wrocław’s inhabitants take part in special Dwarves trips. Once a year in September these small creatures have their own official holiday. People also organize city games, happenings and street plays all connected to these special little inhabitants of the city. There are also special tourist maps and even smartphone apps enabling visiting dwarves. If you plan to visit Wrocław, you just have to find some of these cult Dwarves.

Wrocław Dwarves

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