8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Organizing transfers for guests that arrive to Poland by one flight usually is not too complicated, just organizing a meet & greet person that picks your group up from the arrival hall and then takes a group to the coach and then to a hotel doesn’t usually involve any challenge for us. Still, it is not always that easy. This time we want to share with you two of our quite often orders. First one occurs when our client charters a plane and we have about 200 guests in various locations in one city. We have such situation for example every year when our clients send a charter flight with guests to Cracow Christmas Market. Usually, the guests stay in 5 various hotels so airport pick up has to include that and 5 various guides that accompany each hotel group. Moreover, the guests choose various sightseeing programs so, for example when we sent a bus for Wieliczka Salt Mine sightseeing it collects people from 3 various hotels. As the group stays in Poland for 4 days we have to plan a whole net of various coach connections. It is a real challenge that we really enjoy to meet. The other interesting situation occurs when we work for Polish clients and we arrange transfers of all conference members from various parts of Poland to one conference site. Quite often also to small villages where luxurious hotels are situated but means of transportation are scarce. In such situations we quite often have to coordinate transfers of about 100 people with the use of planes, trains, public transport and private coaches and taxis. Such transfers had to be organized often into really advanced connection net also taking into consideration individual group members personal obligations and preferences. Still, we are happy to say, that we have never had made any mistake and all our conference members always got in time for all the events. Usually, such advanced transfer planning is the biggest fun for our workers as they really enjoy the challenge and everyone wants to do them. So, if you have a huge group of people, that have to be transferred anywhere in Poland, just let us know and ITS Poland DMC specialists will be happy to assist you.