8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

The demand for tours from school groups is constantly growing. School trips become more frequent and therefore also more interesting. Nowadays, we concentrate on tours that not only show the major tourist highlights of the regions, where groups stay, we also want to join them with same teaching themes that have the key importance in school curricula. One of such top topics is ecology. Our favourite program of this type includes visit in Cracow and green energy exploration in Dobczyce water power plant Here we would like to share some details of a school trip that took place between 2-6 October 2019. The group was arriving from Denmark and counted 18 students and 2 teachers. They were staying in Metropolitan Apartments at Zyblikiewicza Street in Kraków, so they had great access to the Old Town and all its famous landmarks. Still, apart from usual attractions they have ordered this ecology lesson in Dobczyce. On the fifth of October our guide and translator Anna picked the group up from their hotel and they were transferred to Dobczyce power plant where one of the plant workers showed them the water dam, its machines and described the process of acquiring the electricity. This is how the group learnt more about the green technology. After the dam sightseeing the group continued their trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine where they learnt more about mining process and what happens when it ends, still staying in the ecological topics. In the late afternoon the group went to Mr Vawelski pub for exclusive quiz event about ecolo gical issues. This is how the group had very interesting day in terms of sightseeing but also gaining knowledge. We heartily recommend this type of traveling to all our school groups. We offer many learning subjects that classes can explore during their trips. Just check our offer and contact our professional group coordinators.