8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

In the last few months people all over the world has experienced the decline in opportunities to meet both on private and professional levels. Still, this bad tendency is not always the case and people are still willing to overcome the obstacles to move forward professionally. Doctors are of course such group that cannot stand in one place and has to move forward as the state of knowledge also speeds up. One such amazing opportunity to share new ideas and thoughts occurred during ILC 2020 Digital. Digital Internal Liver Congress took place between 27 and 29th of August 2020. Our groups attend this event regularly, so now in the times of COVID and impact of liver diseases on the way how liver patients deal also with COVID, meant that we just couldn’t miss this opportunity to develop. ITS Poland as usual took the challenge to organize everything for our participants. All our group members had our full support for this congress attendance. COVID virus is not an obstacle for us. We have registered 29 congress participants and supported our clients with all their needs. All of them have still also access to digital version of the congress till the end of the year which gives them an amazing study opportunity. This is why we want to share the best wishes of health to all our clients and also invite them to attend all meetings of this type. Such learning experience can be very fruitful.