8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Portugal is one of the greatest places for a incentive & motivational trip. We would like to share some ideas for day trips in Belem and Sintra and sunbathing at Cabo de Roca. The whole trip begins in Lisbon. From here, we take a bus transfer and after about 30 minutes we are in Sintra, a mountain town, which thanks to its location between mountains and the sea looks like a movie set from Lord of the Rings and offers one of a kind and quite extraordinary microclimate. On site, the group visits the multi-coloured Pena Palace and defensive walls. After a short break for dinner, mandatory seafood, the group moves to the edge of Europe, that is, the westernmost cape of the continent. We follow that with a walk in Cabo and Cascais and 2 hours of carefree sunbathing. The group spends the evening in Lisbon's picturesque Atlantic district of Balem. The whole day full of excitement is a perfect example of incentive trips organized for our client's employees.