8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Another interesting project that we want to share with you is Puszta, a traditional Hungarian horse show. As part of an incentive trip, our group left Budapest to participate in shows at a nearby farm. The whole event was scheduled for about 5 hours. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with traditional cheese rolls and fruit brandy. Then, in horse-drawn carts, they enjoyed the rural landscapes to finally reach the show grounds. As an introduction to the event, participants of the trip watched a short documentary on the tradition of horse championships and visited the stables. After this introduction, the group attended a show presenting over 1000 years of Hungarian tradition of breeding and riding horses. The most memorable moments were archery display while riding and simultaneous riding of 5 horses by one rider. After the shows, the whole group participated in a typical traditional meal. Participation in the Puszta is simply a must during any Hungarian incentive trips.