8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

This May we had a really interesting challenge that arrived to us from the Czech Republic. It was a school group that we arrange accommodation in one of Poznań hostels Very Berry. Our group had 53 participants and they were interested in everything that is connected to technology. They had very wide program of visits in various Poznań companies and plants. Apart from standard sightseeing in Poznań city area we have assisted the group by organizing meetings in metal tools company, one of the biggest Polish breweries – Lech and Volkswagen Poznań Plant. In all these places our group was accompanied by our tour leader and translator to help with communication on sites. We have also arrange catering for the group each day. They were observing production process and also had meetings with the company’s representatives. ITS Poland would like to thank all the people, who enabled us these visits and were very open to our young guests.