8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

We always crave for every trip to go as smoothly as possible but what do we do when unexpected happens? We want to share with you a story of this kind. In such situations, we are happy, that we have 24 h support for our clients. It all happened in 2014. We had a group of 38 Swedish youngsters in Kraków for a school visit. Everything was perfectly fine up to a night before the group departure. It appeared that one of the students was in a great pain and the doctors intervention was needed. We immediately called emergency to take the girl into the hospital and at the same time send one of our translators there to enable communication of the teacher, student and doctors at the hospital. It appeared that it was an appendicitis and the girl had to be operated immediately. Our translator assistant the teacher all night. After the operation the student couldn’t fly back to Sweden with the rest of the group. Therefore, we arranged additional accommodation for the student and the teacher that stayed with her. It wasn’t easy on such last minute basis as Polish long May weekend was just about to start but we were able to find a comfortable 3 star hotel for both of them as long as they had to stay in Poland. All in all, we were happy to say all's well that ends well and we were proud that we could assist in such an unexpected precedent situation.