8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

We want to share with you the idea for an amazing incentive trip, as we have just finished such an event for one of our Ukrainian groups in Zakopane. The main programme was planned for about 5 hours and included dog sled, snowmobile rides and refreshments in the original Indian tipi, located on Gubałówka, which is also the starting point for dog sleds. The whole event went perfectly, and the group's instructors even spoke Ukrainian, which was a great bonus for our group. In addition to this "outdoor" event, the group also had unforgettable meals organized by us in the Góralska Tradycja and Halka restaurants, as well as relaxation in the spa in Termy Bukovina. Of course, the crowning event was the evening dances in the club Vavavoom. If you are looking for winter entertainment for your group, the Zakopane incentive trip is something that you have to consider!