(+48 52) 345 95 10
8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Chłopskie jadło (Grodzka)

Low-Budget Grodzka 9, 31-006 Kraków


CHŁOPSKIE JADŁO GRODZKA restaurant operates at Grodzka 9. It serves meals to individual guests and organized groups. The restaurant consists of two parts: the upper room, in the form of all year-round heated air-conditioned pavilion, has about 70 seats, the second part of the restaurant is in the basement, which consists of five rooms of different capacity - in total, the basement can host an event for about 100 people .
The restaurant serves Polish cuisine specializing in home and peasant cuisine.
It works with a folk group, which can be an additional attraction of a restaurant visit.

Max number of guests: 170

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