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Falling in love with Gdańsk is a piece of cake. The main town with all its monuments and fascinating architecture, multitude of monuments and Motława River in the centre is just unforgettable view. Famous for centuries for its wealth, Gdańsk offers a real aesthetic feast for tourists. It also offers culture at its highest level. When we add amazing local cuisine and top class restaurants, it is a really hard to find other city like this one. Discover legendary Polish hospitality in harbour city of Gdańsk and start to understand Polish pride in this Baltic heart of Polish coast.

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AmberSky Observation Ferris Wheel, Gdansk

AmberSky (AmberSky Koło Widokowe, Gdańsk) is an enormous ferris wheel in Gdańsk. It is located in the Ołowianka district, right next to a popular photo point with a huge “GDAŃSK” sign. The height of the wheel is 50 m above sea level. It is equipped with 36 air-conditioned and heated eight-person gondolas, including one VIP gondola with a glass floor. The ride takes approximately 15 minutes. Thanks to AmberGold, visitors can admire the panoram...

SS Sołdek

At present it is a ship-museum. It is the first ship built entirely in Poland after World War II. Up until December 1980, when it finished its duty, it went on 1478 cruises and reached 60 different ports. Currently, it is docked opposite Żuraw port crane and is one of the divisions of National Maritime Museum. Tourists may reach SS Sołdek by ferry that takes passengers between Żuraw and Ołowianka island.

European Solidarity Centre

European Solidarity Center (Polish: Europejskie Centrum Solidarności) filled in and developed the place of “Roads to freedom” exhibition. The exhibition and the newly built museum are really impressive. The museum chambers are filled in with historic exhibits, modern multimedia equipment and artistic installations all about Polish aspirations to be a free country at the end of the 20th century. It is not a quiet place as while walking from exh...

Museum of the Second World War

World War II began with Germany’s attack on Poland at the Polish military base at Westerplatte on September 1, 1939 and it’s therefore, appropriate that the remarkable WWII museum (Polish: Muzeum II Wojny Światowej), opened in March 2017, should have been built in Gdańsk. A conflict that claimed the lives of an estimated 55 million people is a both a huge and complicated story to tell. The museum grounds cover almost 2.5 acres, while the build...


Westerplatte is a peninsula in the delta of Wisła Martwa and Gulf of Gdańsk. It is a symbol of the Second World War as the war started here. The peninsula has width from 200 to 500 meters and it was a strategic point in Polish defence lines of Baltic coast region, this was the reason why it was attacked by Nazi-German battleship Schleswig-Holstein. The heroic defense of the peninsula lasted from the 1st till the 7th of September 1939. Currentl...

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum (Polish: Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku) is located in Gdańsk at 9 - 13 Ołowianka Street. The aim of the museum is to collect and protect monuments related to shipping, boatbuilding, shipbuilding and fishing, and to disseminate knowledge about them, as well as about the maritime history of Poland and its economy. The museum has a number of divisions in Gdańsk. They are Granaries on Ołowianka island, S.S. Sołdek...

Three Crosses Monument

Solidarity Square in down town area, near historic Number 2 gate leading to Gdańsk Shipyard is famous for the Monument of Three Crosses (Polish: Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970). Thee monumental, 42-metre high crosses commemorate the victims of changes in political system of December 1970 in Poland. The uneven, cracked surface is covered with relief picturing the life of shipyard workers. At the top, crosses are joined with anchors symbolis...

St. Bridget’s Church

St. Brygida’s Church (Polish: Bazylika św. Brygidy) in Gdańsk is located in close proximity to the centre of the old town, right behind St. Catherine’s Church. The very first chapel in this place was built in 1350. One of the main attraction of the church, apart from its historic shape, is an amber altar (currently under construction). Its project is 11 metres high and 12 metres wide. At this stage, the composition covers 120m2.

Gdańsk Shipyard

Gdańsk Shipyard (Polish: Stocznia Gdańsk) built over 1,000 fully equipped ships, however it is more commonly known for the events of 14 August 1980. On that day, in the morning hours the shipyard workers begun their strike. A strike that became a symbol of fight with communism in Poland and marked the beginning of Solidarity trade union. Visitors may take either a walking or a bus tour of the former shipyard with guides speaking English, Germa...

Maritime Culture Centre exhibition "Boats of Peoples of the World"

A permanent exhibition “Boats of Peoples of the World” is located on the second floor of the Maritime Culture Center. Visitors can see 41 boats from around the world. There are boats from Norway, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Panama, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana, Vietnam and Samoa. Most of them have been donated by seamen. Sailing the seas and oceans from the mid-1960s till late 1980s, they collected these valuable artefacts and brought the...

Maritime Culture Centre "People-Ships-Ports"

The interactive exhibition “People – Ship –Ports” is located in the Maritime Cultural Center. The exposition consists of five parts. The first one, “The Sea – environment and technology" shows how a whirlpool and tsunami are born, how solar cells work, as well as see the northern sky constellations.  On the second exhibition, “Ship structure”,  the visitors can feel like a real captain. By visiting the part "Working in a port" guests learn the...

Shakespeare Theatre

Shakespearean Theatre (Polish: Teatr Szekspirowski) is situated in the very heart of Gdańsk Old Town at 50/51 Długa Street and it gives viewers opportunity to enjoy theatre in its Elizabethan version. The construction of the theatre took place from March 2011 till September 2014. Wooden, bright and warm interiors are created inside massive, modern, brick construction. The roof can be opened in 3 min and plays can be watched in open air. The th...

Hevelianum Centre

Hevelianum Centre (Polish: Centrum Hevelianum) is a modern science centre based in historic military buildings. The main feature that differs this museum from other similar institutions in the country is the fact that it is located in the 19th century military forts with spectacular viewing point to the Old Town in Gdańsk. Interactive and multimedia exhibitions allow visitors to understand better various phenomena from physics, astronomy, hist...


If you love bricks, you'll adore Gdansk Old Town. Still a bit of a hidden gem. Picturesque and filled with culture, one is never far from beauty here. If you are also looking for the European experience of great meals and amazing atmosphere, this is the place. Enjoy walking around this area. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops. I have never considered amber to be so pretty!
Beautiful and interesting medieval city on the coast of Baltic Sea! If you visit Poland highly recommended! Small streets of old town, plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and landmarks! Your can find here everything to enjoy vacation! Definitely we will come back!

Questions and answers

Do I need some special clothes?

We recommend good walking shoes as there are many historic cobblestones in the city centre.

Can you advise any restaurants in the centre?

Take a look at our restaurant section at our website: https://its-poland.com/top-regions/gdansk-and-north-west-poland/restaurants/map
We believe everyone can find something for themselves. If you want to check menus of particular restaurants, contact one of our agents.

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