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Discover this amazing agglomeration consisting of two cities and one town. It has unique and distinctive features and attractions. Gdańsk amazing old Hanseatic city with impressive Old Town and monuments. Sopot the most popular Polish seaside resort with superb walking promenade with shops, restaurants and clubs, city beach and the longest wooden pier in Europe.

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Optional Excursions

Museum of the Second World War

World War II began with Germany’s attack on Poland at the Polish military base at Westerplatte on September 1, 1939 and it’s therefore, appropriate that the remarkable WWII museum (Polish: Muzeum II Wojny Światowej), opened in March 2017, should have been built in Gdańsk. A conflict that claimed the lives of an estimated 55 million people is a both a huge and complicated story to tell. The museum grounds cover almost 2.5 acres, while the build...

European Solidarity Centre

European Solidarity Center (Polish: Europejskie Centrum Solidarności) filled in and developed the place of “Roads to freedom” exhibition. The exhibition and the newly built museum are really impressive. The museum chambers are filled in with historic exhibits, modern multimedia equipment and artistic installations all about Polish aspirations to be a free country at the end of the 20th century. It is not a quiet place as while walking from exh...


Westerplatte is a peninsula in the delta of Wisła Martwa and Gulf of Gdańsk. It is a symbol of the Second World War as the war started here. The peninsula has width from 200 to 500 meters and it was a strategic point in Polish defence lines of Baltic coast region, this was the reason why it was attacked by Nazi-German battleship Schleswig-Holstein. The heroic defense of the peninsula lasted from the 1st till the 7th of September 1939. Currentl...

Hevelianum Centre

Hevelianum Centre (Polish: Centrum Hevelianum) is a modern science centre based in historic military buildings. The main feature that differs this museum from other similar institutions in the country is the fact that it is located in the 19th century military forts with spectacular viewing point to the Old Town in Gdańsk. Interactive and multimedia exhibitions allow visitors to understand better various phenomena from physics, astronomy, hist...

SS Sołdek

At present it is a ship-museum. It is the first ship built entirely in Poland after World War II. Up until December 1980, when it finished its duty, it went on 1478 cruises and reached 60 different ports. Currently, it is docked opposite Żuraw port crane and is one of the divisions of National Maritime Museum. Tourists may reach SS Sołdek by ferry that takes passengers between Żuraw and Ołowianka island.


The Crane (Polish: Żuraw) is located in the very centre of Gdańsk on the river Motława. This wooden port crane is part of National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. The crane is first mentioned in documents as old as 1367. This one, however, was built between 1442 and 1444 and was used to load goods, beer mainly, on ships cruising Vistula river. Tourists may visit three exhibitions, one on each floor, as well as admire the lifting mechanism.

Amber Museum

Amber Museum (Polish: Muzeum Bursztynu) is one of the newest museum in the Tricity. It was opened in 2000 and covers a few-centuries-long tradition of extracting and processing of amber in the area of Żuławy Wiślane. The museum is located in a unique Gothic-Renaissance Długa street gate vestibule and a prison tower. Amber museum exhibits the way amber is made, its properties as well the methods of extraction and processing and how they changed...

Artus Court

Artus Court (Polish: Dwór Artusa) is one of the most recognisable buildings on Długi Targ street, where the first tenement houses date back to Middle Ages. It is situated by 44 Długi Targ Street and in front of this building we will also find one of the best well known Gdańsk’s landmarks Neptune Fountain. Originally the building was erected in 1348-1350 and its golden age was in the 16th and 17th century. During its history it was a place of g...

Uphagen’s House

Uphagen's House (Polish: Dom Uphagena) is located at the very heart of Gdańsk, at Długa 12 street. It is one of few 18th century tenement house open to the public. The building is named after one of the owners, Johann Uphagen, who purchased the building in 1775. Today visitors can see living and utility rooms. On the first floor from the street there is a living room, the most representative interior of the house. The large dining room is loca...

Old Town Hall

Gdansk Old Town Hall (Polish: Ratusz Głównego Miasta) is a Gothic-Renaissance historic landmark built in 14th century in Dlugi Targ – the very centre of Gdansk. Over the years the town hall was largely extended to accommodate a growing number of clerks and reflected rapidly growing local economy and wealth. The building saw two major reconstructions – after a 16th century fire and due to heavy warfare during WWII when the building suffered ma...

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum (Polish: Narodowe Muzeum Morskie w Gdańsku) is located in Gdańsk at 9 - 13 Ołowianka Street. The aim of the museum is to collect and protect monuments related to shipping, boatbuilding, shipbuilding and fishing, and to disseminate knowledge about them, as well as about the maritime history of Poland and its economy. The museum has a number of divisions in Gdańsk. They are Granaries on Ołowianka island, S.S. Sołdek...

Maritime Culture Centre exhibition "Boats of Peoples of the World"

A permanent exhibition “Boats of Peoples of the World” is located on the second floor of the Maritime Culture Center. Visitors can see 41 boats from around the world. There are boats from Norway, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Panama, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana, Vietnam and Samoa. Most of them have been donated by seamen. Sailing the seas and oceans from the mid-1960s till late 1980s, they collected these valuable artefacts and brought the...

Maritime Culture Centre "People-Ships-Ports"

The interactive exhibition “People – Ship –Ports” is located in the Maritime Cultural Center. The exposition consists of five parts. The first one, “The Sea – environment and technology" shows how a whirlpool and tsunami are born, how solar cells work, as well as see the northern sky constellations.  On the second exhibition, “Ship structure”,  the visitors can feel like a real captain. By visiting the part "Working in a port" guests learn the...

EXPERYMENT Science Centre

Experiment Science Center (Polish: Centrum Nauki Experyment) is still fairly new as it was opened in 2013 and it is located at 96/98 Zwycięztwa Avenue. It is an unusual place as all the exhibitions there are fully interactive. They present science topics in a funny, interesting and enjoyable way. The center area is 3 500 m2 and you will find here about 120 interactive exhibits. The main exhibitions include: a water world, a tree of life, human...

Gdynia Emigration Museum

The Museum of Emigration in Gdynia (Polish: Muzeum Emigracji w Gdynii) was just opened on 16.05.2015. It is located in the historic maritime station at 1 Polska Street. Since 1933 the building was used to serve the emigrant movement and it was the place from where hundreds of thousands people started their journey into the wide world. The museum exhibition tells the story of emigration from Polish lands since 19th century until current times. ...

Gdynia Automotive Museum

Gdynia Automotive Museum (Polish: Gdyńskie Muzeum Motoryzacji) was created by a single collector Witold Ciążkowski. The museum not only presents vintage cars and motorcycles, but also it lends them. The museum is located in Gdynia Chylonia at 2c Żwirowa street. The exhibition includes about 150 motorcycles and 50 cars of such makes as Mercedes, Ford or for example Fiat. Most of the exhibits was produced before the end of the Second World War. ...

Lion Galeon cruise

Lion Galleon is a ship which is stylized on Polish galleons from the 17th century. During cruises on board of the ship, according to cruise trail choice, tourists can admire Gdańk Shipyard, a repair shipyard, docks, a harbor, Wisłoujście Stronghold, Westerplatte or Gdańsk Bay. During the trip tourists also listen to a guide talking about Gdańsk history and its monuments. The cruises are available from April till October. Standard cruise takes...

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary's Basilica (Polish: Bazylika Mariacka w Gdańsku) is one of the most recognisable buildings in Gdańsk. With its sheer size it is towering over the old town. Its full name reads Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Basilica was built between 1346 and 1506 in Gothic form. In its history, it was both catholic and protestant church. Today the visitors may marvel on the Middle-age décor of the interior.


I just talked to the group and they are VERY SATISFIED with their visit to Gdansk.
Everything was great.
They liked the hotel and both restaurants.
The guide was very nice and skilled.
Thank you very much for all your good help with this group.

Questions and answers

How long a standard Lew Galeon Cruise takes?

Standard Lew Galeon Cruise takes 40-60 min.

Where will your guide await us at the airport?

The guide will wait in the arrival hall with a sign. You will also receive his or her tel. number in case of any emergency.

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