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The Polish capital has much to offer for culture lovers: music, history, amazing architecture. Warsaw is often called a phoenix city as it was meticulously rebuilt after fatal losses during WWII. Nowadays, it is a modern and vibrant capital city that offers not only historical marvels but also super modern museums, cultural attractions and excellent cuisine. We invite all our explorers to discover this mesmerizing agglomeration. It is the highest time you discover this part of the world and its outstanding cultural heritage.

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5 days/4 nights

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HB (4 breakfasts, 4 dinners)

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All year

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4 nights
8 meals
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Chopin Museum Ostrogskich Palace, Wilanów Palace and Gardens, Royal Baths, Concert of Chopin Music, Żelazowa Wola Museum, National Museum.



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Hotel, airport for departure

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English, German, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian and others on request

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City tour

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Optional Excursions

Royal Castle

The Royal Castle, located in the very heart of Warsaw, is the last seat of Polish monarchs. Its history goes as far as the 14th century, when the Great Tower was built. The majority of work dates back to the late 16 and 17 centuries. Despite of numerous adversities, including the partitions of Poland and almost complete destruction during World War II, the Royal Castle is still open to the public. Various exhibitions and works of art can be se...

Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Rising Museum is located just 3 kilometres from the Royal Castle. The museum was opened in 2004 and is situated at 79 Grzybowska Street. The main aim of the museum is to provide documentation and present history of Warsaw uprising during the Second World War and activities of Polish Underground State. The exhibition shows everyday life and fights during Nazi occupation and the fate of the insurgents during communist regime in People’s R...

POLIN Museum

Museum of the History of Polish Jews – it is a new, ultramodern cultural museum on the map of Warsaw. It is situated at 6 Mordechaja Danielewicza Street in the place which was former Jewish district and also later on Warsaw Ghetto. The museum is a place dedicated to all those who are interested in heritage of Polish Jews and it is a symbol of breakthrough in Polish-Jewish relations during 1000 years history from Medieval times up till now. It ...

Communism tour

It is the best way to sightsee Warsaw or Kraków in an unconventional way. The tourist travel on a vintage communism coach, by Poles because of its shape tenderly called “gherkin”, or by vintage Nysa vans from the communism area. Usually, the sightseeing schedule contains some vodka and gherkins tasting. Our guides are young and very enthusiastic which makes the trip very funny and pleasant experience.

Folklore show

Polish folklore combines the tradition and culture of our country. The performance of the folklore group is a combination of unique dances, singing and colourful folk costumes. The band consists of professional musicians and a pair of dancers. During the show you will be able to take an active part in both dancing and singing folk songs.

Kuchnia Polska - Polish Cuisine

The most popular Polish dishes are: dumplings, cabbage roll, pork chop, minced chop, bigos (often translated into English as hunter's stew) , meat jelly, pork knuckle, many soups like sour rye soup (soup made from fermented rye flour), cabbage soup, chicken soup, red borscht, tomato soup, cucumber soup, mushroom soup, pea soup , cold soup. Very popular are also cabbage and potato dishes, bread (rye bread, wheat bread). Faworki are a specific ...

Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science (Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki) in Warsaw is just a 30-minute walk from the Royal Castle. The Palace was built in 3 years by 3,500 Russian workers as a gift from Joseph Stalin. Since it was finished in 1955 is has been the tallest building in Poland, its spire reaches 237 metres and the viewing terrace on the 30 floor (114m.) allows you to admire Warsaw from above. The Palace of Culture and Science has 3288 rooms,...

Saxon Garden and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Saxon Garden and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – a perfect place for walks in Warsaw on a sunny day. The monument, which is a tomb commemorating soldiers who gave their lives for the country, is located in Piłsudski Square. The first memorial was built in 1921 and today it is a three-arched arcade which remained of Saxon Palace. In the area in front of the memorial numerous celebrations are held during national holidays in Poland. Past the Tomb ...


Sejm and Senate Complex of Poland are a complex of buildings located in Warsaw on 4/6/8 Wiejska Street. On the days when there is no sitting of the Sejm, the visitors can see: the gallery of the Assembly Room of the Sejm, the Main Hall (a model of the complex of the Sejm buildings, the plaque commemorating the Deputies of the Second Republic of Poland, the plaque commemorating the Deputies and Senators who died in the plane crash near Smoleńs...

Geological Museum

The Geological Museum of the Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute in Warsaw has been around for 100 years. It is located in a historic building built in 1925–1930. It is the only geological museum in Poland in which visitors can see a complete collection of rocks, reflecting the geological structure of our country. The skeletons of animals from the Ice Age also make a big impression: mammoth, rhinoceros and woolly bear. T...

Museum of Sport and Tourism

Museum of Sport and Tourism is a museum established in 1952 and is one of the oldest of its type in Europe. The Museum's collection consists of over 50,000 exhibits and 55,000 photos. Visitors can see sports gear, medals, trophies, antiques and other historic objects. The "History of Polish Sport and Olympic Movement" exhibition shows the history of sport from ancient Greece through the birth of the modern Olympic Games (19th century) and the ...

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum is one of the oldest ethnographic museums in Poland located in Warsaw at 1 Kredytowa Street. The museum was founded in 1888 and houses over 80,000 objects and about 120,000 archives. The largest permanent gallery is called “Time to celebrate”. The visitors can see here national costumes, festive clothing from Poland and Europe, paintings, sculptures, Christmas decorations and props. The next gallery , "Order of Things", pr...

Polish Army Museum

The Museum of the Polish Army  is a museum in Warsaw documenting the military aspects of the history of Poland. The Museum was founded on 22nd April 1920, by executive order of the Marshal of Poland Józef Piłsudski. The collection illustrates a thousand years of Polish military history, from the 10th century to the Second World War. At present, the museum collections contain over 250,000 exhibits. For example Gothic reliquary captured at the B...


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Questions and answers

Is it possible to stay for the concert in Żelazowa Wola?

Żelazowa Wola Museum offers seasonal concerts for visitors. If we establish date of trip accordingly you will be able to attend that. The same applies to Royal Baths Park concerts by Frederic Chopin Statue.

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