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People tend to remember about gifts for the loved ones around St. Valentine’s Day. Still, it is good to remember to cherish our loved ones all year long. This is why we want to inspire you to visit 10 most romantic destination in Poland and spend a memorable weekend or a longer stay in these charming locations.


10 top romantic getaways in Poland

  1. Chełmno
  2. Kazimierz Dolny
  3. Sandomierz
  4. Zamość
  5. Sopot
  6. Gdańsk-Oliwa
  7. Toruń
  8. Kraków
  9. Wrocław
  10. Warsaw



It is situated 47 km from Bydgoszcz (about 50 min drive), 44 km from Toruń (45 min drive) and 132 km from Gdańsk (1h 23 min). Citizens of this place boast that the town was built on 9 hills and that Chełmno has almost intact Medieval urban layout with almost completely preserved system of town walls and towers. Moreover, from many places within Chełmno, visitors can admire outstanding views to the surrounding area. Among historic monuments the most distinctive include 5 Gothic churches, the Renaissance town hall, and many tenement houses among which the oldest ones come from the 13th century. Chełmno is also often called to town of lovers as there are two beautiful parks – Stare and Nowe Planty with many flower carpets and benches for all those who are in love, there is also a monument of lovers on a bench. Chełmno is truly picturesque town with numerous old buildings that is really worth visiting.

Kazimierz Dolny

It is one of the most beautifully small towns in Poland often called the town of lovers or the town of artists. It has lots of picturesque sites and historical buildings. The main attraction is the market square and neighbouring monuments, such as St. John the Baptist and St. Bartholomew the Apostle Parish Church, the castle with outstanding viewing point to Vistula river and surroundings and the synagogue. The foundation of the town and the castle is attributed to Casmir III the Great. The areas surrounding the town are also very attractive. For example Root Tunnel (Korzeniowy Dół), most visited, beautiful gorge with spectacular root forms. Other attractions include the system of loess gorges, Plebanka Gorge and Granicznik Gorge which are worth seeing as well. Kaziemierz Dolny is a perfect place for a long distance walk. It is also fairly easy to get to Janowiec Castle by ferry from Kazimierz. The town is ideal for a romantic weekend to enjoy small restaurants and bohemian character of this unusual place. More info about Kazimierz attractions here. 


It is often called “little Rome” as it is also situated at 7 hills. The town is especially famous for its original, Medieval, urban layout; tourist underground rout through Medieval basements made in loess rock and the 14th century monuments such as: the cathedral, castle (currently Regional Museum), town hall at a very picturesque market square, Opatowska gate, merchant houses, St. Michael Church or Długosz House. After enjoying monuments, there are numerous cafes and restaurants around the main market square and of course obligatory Sandomierz wines in them, tourists often also visit sights around the town such as loess gorge of Queen Jadwiga, Pepper Mountains; take cruise on Vistula river or visit nearby vineyards. More info about Sandomierz attractions here. 


It is a charming, historical city in south-eastern Poland. Thanks to the unique, historic Old Town, the city is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is situated in the southern part of Lublin Voivodeship. One of the most popular monuments in Zamość is the famous Zamoyski Palace. In Zamość, it is also worth seeing the Baroque Town Hall, the Cathedral (Cathedral Parish of the Lord's Resurrection and St Thomas Apostle in Zamość), the Sacred Museum of the Zamość Cathedral, as well as the Museum of Fortifications and Weapons Arsenal. The historical and cosy character of Old Town is just perfect for romantic walks. More info about Zamość attractions here 


It is one of the best well known Polish seaside resorts and also famous place for its festivals which are organized in the Forest Opera (Opera Leśna). Every year in summer season big number of Polish and international tourists visit the town to enjoy Tri-city attractions and 4.5 km of white sandy beach. The main street of Sopot and the most well-known promenade is Heroes of Monte Cassino Street (Bohaterów Monte Cassino) often called Monciak by natives. It is closed for cars and totally tourist-friendly. Here visitors watch the Crooked House, numerous pubs, restaurants and cafés. At the end of the promenade tourists can find one of the biggest attractions of the town which is Sopot Pier. It is the longest wooden pier in Europe (512 m) just perfect for romantic walks especially in the evening as it is beautifully lit. At the end of the pier sailing enthusiasts will find a marina with various sailing boats and catamarans. Other attractions in Sopot include: the castle mountain with a stronghold, the Forest Opera, the hippodrome, the Aqua Park with saunas and Ergo Arena Stadium. Sopot is a town which you really should know.


The Old Town in Gdańsk is just perfect for romantic walks. It is one of the prettiest and the best maintained Old Towns in Poland. Every year it is a magnet for uncounted masses of tourists. It is an excellent place to visit at every season of the year. One of the main advantages of Gdańsk Old Town is its concise size, everything is in walking distance, and a great cluster of historical buildings in this area. We will find here: St. Mary’s Basilica, Churches of St. John, Nicholas and Bridget; Golden, Green and Upland Gates, Main Town Hall, famous Neptune Fountain, Artus’ Court, Great Armoury, St. George Brotherhood Mansion, Torture House with Amber Museum, Crane, Market Hall, and lots of other historical buildings at so called Kings Road which consists of Długa and Długi Targ Streets (long and Long Market Streets). There are also numerous restaurants perfect for romantic dinner. The crown jewel of a romantic evening is a trip on AmberSky Ferris Wheel. During a romantic trip to Gdańsk, you should also visit the Oliwa Park, which seems to be made for a walk for two. Especially if you come here in spring, when nature comes to life. Still it is worth remembering that it is a very charming place all year round. Also in winter, when it is illuminated with Christmas illuminations. More info about Gdańsk attractions here. 


The town, whose Medieval urban layout is enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List, is a well-known birthplace of a famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernius. Tourist can visit both a house of his parents and also Toruń planetarium to learn more about space. Toruń is also famous for its legendary gingerbread cookies. Tourists can learn how to make them in Living Gingerbread Museum. The city can also boast a leaning tower and Teutonic Knight Castle Ruins. Couples will also definitely enjoy stroll in the Old Town during which they can admire historic tenement houses, gates, granaries and churches. An additional attraction is also a stroll along Philadelphia Boulevard along Vistula river bank and town walls. The town also gives amazing opportunity for romantic stars observation either in planetarium or Piwnice astronomical observation centre. Dream Valley Park (Polish: Dolina Marzeń) is perfect for a romantic stroll. Toruń is a city that you cannot miss if you travel through central Poland. More info about Toruń attractions here. 


Kraków is one of the oldest Polish cities and former capital and seat of Polish kings. It is most popular tourist city in the country. The Old Town with bohemian Kazimierz District are enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. Kraków Main Squere is Europe’s largest medieval market square. You will see most of the attractions simply by walking. Spectacular Cloth Hall surrounded by historic tenement houses, the most famous artistic cellar in Kraków - Piwnica pod Baranami, as also as St. Mary's church - one of the most important churches in Kraków, built in the 14th and 15th centuries. You will see a lot of small shops here in colourful, historic tenement houses. Kraków’s Old Town is also surrounded by Planty Park perfect for a romantic walk, the same as Bulwary Wiślane (Vistula Boulevards). Here couples can also take a romantic cruise along Vistula to discover the city from the river’s perspective. You shouldn’t also forget to visit a legendary dragon’s den just by the Wawel Castle and take a photo of the famous dragon while it blows fire (good opportunity to protect your damsel from the evils of the world). After Wawel Castle, it's time for Kazimierz – Jewish district of Kraków. Walk from the Wawel to Kazimierz takes about 15 minutes. The bohemian district is perfect for romantic meal. Couples cannot omit also the Bernatka Footbridge which is a lovers' bridge in Krakow. It is here that all lovers fasten the padlocks as a sign of undying love, and throw the key into the Vistula River. More info about Kraków attractions here. 


It is the most interesting and most beautiful city in Lower Silesia with one of the largest market squares in Europe. It has an area of 3.8 hectares. There are many colourful tenements from different historical periods, many restaurants, souvenir shops, bookstores etc. Ostrów Tumski is the oldest, historic part of Wrocław. It was created in the area of crossings on the Odra River, between the estuaries of the rivers - Oława in the south, Ślęza and Widawa in the north. One of the most beautiful monuments of Ostrów Tumski is the Gothic cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Church of the Holy Cross. A popular meeting place and tourist attraction is the Tumski Bridge between Wyspa Piaskowa and Ostrów, also known as the Lovers' Bridge. Couples also enjoy viewing terrace of SkyTower, the 3rd highest building in Poland. The lovers hang padlocks on it as a sign of their love. Wrocław is advertised as a town of a thousand bridges, can you imagine better scenery for a date? More info about Wrocław attractions here. 


Apart from being the capital of Poland with multitude of attractions it has 4 amazing attractions for couples. First of them is the viewing terrace of Palace of Culture and Science. It is located on the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, on the 30th floor, at a height of 114 m, where guests are brought by two modern lifts. From here, visitors can admire the entire panorama of Warsaw, even at night. To enter the viewing terrace, visitors must enter the building from the Parade Square (between Studio and Dramatic theatres). Another must see place is Royal Baths park and palace. It is the largest park in the centre of Warsaw. Łazienki are situated halfway down the Royal Route, between Royal Castle and Wilanów. On the area of 76 hectares one may find over 40 points of interest and numerous historic buildings, designed by the king Stanisław August Poniatowski’s in-court architects. Palace on the Isle, Roman Theatre, Myśliwiecki Palace or Chopin Monument are just a small selection. Łazienki Królewskie host various cultural and entertainment events, displays and exhibitions, including Royal Collections of portraits, coins, paintings and sculptures. It is perfect area for romantic walk. Next, there is Wilanów Palace and gardens. It is one of the most beautiful objects of its type in Poland. Baroque palace and the meticulously designed surrounding gardens, situated at the end of the Royal Road and built for the king John III Sobieski, are filled with Polish as well as European culture. They are connected also with one of the best well-known Polish love stories of a king and his wife (John III Sobieski and his wife Marysieńka – authors of masterpiece love letters). Finally, in Warsaw’s vicinity couples find Nieborów Palace with Arkadia Park. Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia is located 80 kilometres from Warsaw. The museum was established in 1945 and it consists of Radziwił family estate, that is: a palace with a garden in Nieborów and a Romantic garden in Arkadia. Inside the Palace one may visit 17th and 19th century interiors exhibitions with statues, paintings, graphics, furniture, bronze, porcelain and glass crafts, silver clattery, clocks, fabrics and abundant library collections. Both Nieborów and Arkadia parks are full of stylish and green park-like areas. All in all Warsaw has much to offer for couples. More info about Wrocław attractions here. 


Summing up, Poland has much to offer when romantic sites are the searched destination. Picturesque, romantic old towns with Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque monuments and big agglomerations with multitudes of attractions have really lot to offer not to mention beautiful, old parks perfect for romantic strolls and various river cruises. Who knows, maybe it is the highest time you surprise your loved one with a romantic trip to Poland? Check ITS Poland DMC offer and contact one of our travel agents to find out more. 



Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 7.01.2021