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The roads can be traveled just to reach your planned destination. Still, you can also ride on them just to enjoy the views and rest. Sometimes, the greatest part of a journey is not the destination but the path itself. Beautiful turns, charming landscapes can provide lots of pleasure for drivers and their passengers. Discover the most beautiful Polish routes with ITS-Poland DMC!


100 Bends Road

The name applies to 22-kilometer section of road 387, connecting Kudowa-Zdrój and Radków. The advantage of this road is the unique mountainous atmosphere and mostly good surface. The downside - a lot of traffic on weekends. Still, it leads to some of the most famous landmarks of Kłodzka Valley: Bledne Skaly, Szczeliniec and Gory Stolowe (English: Table Mountains). It's 22 km of excitement with arches, chasms and beautiful views. Its phenomenon lies not only in the classic mountain views, but also in its extremely winding course, often in the immediate vicinity of rock walls.

Oswald Balzer Road

A beautiful Tatra scenic route from Zakopane to Morskie Oko (one of Zakopane area most often visited attractions). Only a part of the route is accessible to traffic - from Zakopane to Palenica Białczańska, but even this is enough to be delighted with this road. In the most interesting stage, behind Bukowina Tatrzańska, the road shows beautiful landscapes, tourists can see not only the Tatra Mountains, but also part of the Gorce and Beskids.

The Great Bieszczady Loop

The road was built in the early 1960s and only from the moment of its completion begins Bieszczady's career as a tourist region. Beautiful wild nature and all the attractions of the wildest Polish Mountains - Bieszczady at your fingertips this is what this rout has to offer. It runs from Lesko through Ustrzyki Dolne to Czarna, Lutowiska, Ustrzyki Górne, and then further to Cisna, from where it returns to Lesko again. The route is approximately 147 km long and runs through four landscape parks. The road runs through an area that is a cultural melting pot, with traces of Polish, Jewish and Ukrainian traditions.

Drawa Landscape Park Route

The route from Czaplinek to Połczyn-Zdrój is called the Pomeranian 100 Bends Road. Though the serpentine is missing, the beautiful long alternating bends are a lot of fun to ride. Not to mention the idyllic landscapes of the Drawski Landscape Park the rout is an excellent weekend trip plan.

Eagles’ Nests Route

The route from Częstochowa to Kraków with multitude of castles and castle ruins give all the tourists lots of pleasure. Częstochowa the religious heart of Poland and Kraków the seat of Polish kings are also huge tourist magnets. For drivers who like to relax behind the wheel, the roads of Małopolska Region are almost perfect, good surfaces and many bends put in a good mood. The route is 315 km long. It starts at the castle in Olsztyn near Częstochowa, and ends at Rudno and Wygiełzów. It is here that the oldest tourist routes in Poland were marked out. The road leads from the castle to the castle. Most of the buildings were built in the 14th century during the reign of Casimir the Great. They were built on rocks reaching up to 30 meters, which gives them a special colour.

Across Mazuria

The route from Orneta to Giżycko is 160 km long. Along the way, you can visit many interesting monuments, but most of all admire the moraine landscape with numerous forests and lakes. You must visit Lidzbark Warmiński with the bishop's castle and the gothic basilica of St. John the Baptist. On the route there is also the famous Wolf's Lair, where the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler was made. You will find here everything that Warmia and Mazury regions are famous for. It is a route that should never be omitted.

Hel Peninsula Route

Except the summer months when it is too crowded, the route from Władysławowo to Hel is almost fabulous. On the Hel Peninsula, the route runs among the sand dunes forming a peninsula, covered on both sides with the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Puck. The road sometimes hides in dense forests, other times it reveals a view of the sea and golden beaches. The route offers not only romantic views of the Bay of Puck, but also the fishing atmosphere in the peninsula's ports that you pass by. Traveling 35 km is pure pleasure.

Koniaków Village Route

A few sets of bends and great views - what more do you need? Reaching Koniaków (where the world famous lace comes from) is a real pleasure. It stretches picturesquely on the hill below Góra Ochodzita and lying at an altitude of 740 m above sea level. It is the highest situated village in the region. Drivers are greeted here by a beautiful panorama of the Silesian and Żywiec Beskids, and in good atmospheric conditions, the Tatra Mountains and Mala Fatra.

Tsarist Route (From Miełżenin to Dabrowa Białostocka)

It is located on the border of the Biebrza National Park and the Narew backwaters. This area is often referred to as the Polish Amazon and every year it is eagerly visited by tourists, who are waiting for numerous natural attractions, as well as historical monuments.

Pieniny Route around Czorsztyn Lake

A very picturesque, scenic road with wide panoramas of the Gorce and rocky Pieniny Mountains. It goes around Czorsztyn Lake with slight bends, and then Sromowieckie Lake. The view from above is fascinating. Next, it goes under the walls of Czorsztyn and Niedzica castles and returns to the heart of the Pieniny Mountains, to the highest peak of the range - Trzy Korony. Along the road, in Dębno, we can find a unique object on a global scale, a wooden gothic church of St. Michael the Archangel (enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List) with exceptionally valuable furnishings and a unique patron polychrome from around 1500, the oldest in Europe.

Moszna Dolna – Gorlice Route

Virtually the entire national road No. 28 - from Zator to Przemyśl - has scenic values, but the section between Mszana Dolna and Gorlice is absolutely the most interesting. The road first cuts through the exceptionally picturesque range of the Beskid Wyspowy, taking advantage of the deep depressions between the individual massifs - such as on the Gruszów Pass, between Śnieżnica and Ćwilin. However, the most beautiful fragment begins behind Limanowa, the road rises here up to the ridge of Wysokie and Litacz. In favourable weather you can see the entire Beskid Wyspowy, Carpathian Foothills, Beskid Sądecki and the western part of the Low Beskids, as well as Gorce and the crown of the Tatra Mountains in the south. The rout from Moszna Dolna to Gorlice is 97 km.

Augustów Canal Route

Driving in the Suwałki Region by car is an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views and beautiful landscapes with charming villages, endless meadows and dense forests. Taking this rote will definitely stay in your memory for a long time. The route is 70 km long and runs along the Augustów Canal from the Dębowo Lock to the Kurzyniec Lock. The route covers villages, forests and meadows, and also 18 locks on the largest hydrotechnical monument in Poland.

Owl Mountains (Pieszyce - Sokolec - Walim – Pieszyce Loop)

The number of bends will give you shivers! The condition of the surface is not the best, but it allows for joyful whizzing around the corners. There are plenty of sightseeing attractions nearby, including mysterious underground cities of the Riese Complex.

Przysłup Pass

The route includes the section connecting the towns of Załuż and Tyrawa Wołoska in the Podkarpackie Region. It is 12 km of cult bends loved especially by motorcyclists.

Salmopolska Pass

The route runs under Skrzyczne, literally under the most famous Polish ski jumper Adam Małysz ski jump in Wisła. The fantastic collection of curves and viewpoints delight not only motorcyclists, but also cyclists who flock here every weekend. The route offers entrance to Wisła and Szczyrk mountain resorts attractions.


Sometimes, the greatest part of a journey is not the destination but the path itself. The above mentioned routes definitely prove this point. This truth especially applies if the route stretches for kilometers through the most beautiful landscapes created by nature. The most beautiful Polish scenic roads offer great panoramas and the pure pleasure of car driving. We suggest all our readers to relax and go on a trip with family or friends to wonderful cities and towns in Poland. If any of them caught your attention ITS-Poland DMC specialists will be happy to plan your next trip.


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 12.04.2021