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Lower Silesia region is probably the richest in Poland in terms of architectonic monuments including castles, palaces and ruins. Wrocław the capital city of Lower Silesia is a very good starting point for very interesting sightseeing for lovers of architecture beauty of palaces, gardens and parks.


Here is the list of our group’s favourite castles and palaces in Wrocław area:

(distance from Wrocław in km):


In Lower Silesia region there is also a so called “Dolina Pałaców i Ogrodów” (Valley of Palaces and Gardens) region of 100 km2, which is situated in Kotlina Jeleniogórska between Rudawy Janowickie and Karkonosze Mountains, in which there are more than 30 monuments of secular architecture. In such a small area, tourists can find a variety of types of knights and nobles residences, ranging from: Medieval residential towers, castles, Renaissance mansions, baroque palaces and nineteenth-century palace-park layouts giving the region a unique character. In the Romantic era, the local mansions were surrounded by extensive landscape parks, taking advantage of the natural values of the landscape. It was in here that the most eminent European families had their lands: the Habsburgs, Hohelzollerns, Schaffgotschs, Czartoryski and Radziwił. This is why the area is a magnet for tourists.


The most interesting palaces and gardens of “Dolina Pałaców i Ogrodów” (Valley of Palaces and Gardens) include:


Only from these short lists you probably got the gist that Lower Silesia Region is a true Makkah for architecture lovers. 

Here you will find the description of 3 most interesting castles and palaces in Wrocław vicinity by ITS Poland DMC:

Książ Castle

Książ Castle is especially interesting as it joins older history, as the construction started in the 13th century, and more recent history as it was largely changed during WWII. If you enjoy conspiracy theories of the human civilization, there is no other such place like Książ as digressions about Hitler purposes for Książ are numerous. During sightseeing of the castle, you will be able to see lots of alternations introduced by Nazi Germans. Apart from the Castle itself it is worth to stroll in the Książ gardens designed in French style and also to visit palm house nearby. Sightseeing of the castle takes about 2 h.

Moszna Palace

Moszna Palace is located 125 km (1.5 h driving) from Wrocław. Since 1886 the palace was a residence of industrial tycoons, and after the second world war it was a medical centre for neurosis patients. From 2013 it is a hotel-conference center and a museum. The monument is surrounded by 200 hectare park with precious old trees (oaks and lindens which are a few hundred years old) and unique rhododendron clusters. The palace has, which is already legendary, 365 rooms and 99 turrets and towers. The surface area of the palace is 7 thousand square meters. Some people say that it looks like a Disney construction. It is possible to sightsee the palace with a guide. By the palace there is also an interesting orangery with exotic plants available for tourists. In the park there is also a stud with English horses and a horse rider center.


Wojanów Palace is situated about 10 km from Jelenia Góra and 112 km from Wrocław (about 2 h drive). The first palace in this place was erected in the 16th century in Renaissance style. In the 17th century after major reconstruction it got Baroque characteristics. Finally, with yet another reconstruction in the 19th century it achieved its current Neo-Gothic style. Nowadays, the palace is a modern conference centre with 7 conference rooms. It also offers space for 200 guests in 11 apartments and 81 rooms. In the palace and park area there are also 2 restaurants, a café, a tavern, 2 tennis courts, a pitch and a SPA centre and wellness zone with a swimming pool. The palace is surrounded by 16 hectares park in which, during the last renovation in 2005-2007, the old historic paths and promenades were restored and new garden houses, a fountain and flower beds were created. Wojanów Palace is an interesting and really well maintained monument that you really should visit.


Summing up, Wrocław is an excellent starting point for an outstanding tour along the trail of ravishing knights, nobles and the wealthy residences and discovering their mysteries and fascinating history. Discover this area with ITS Poland DMC, contact our professional trip planners to tailor the trip plan to your needs. Castle and palace tours are especially popular among our elderly groups and art and architecture students. 


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 29.10.2020