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Natural environment of Poland creates perfect conditions for fishing and hunting enthusiasts. This is why this type of tourism become more and more popular in Poland. Fishing and hunting, joined with relax at good hotel base, in pristine nature areas, is growing more enthusiasts all over the country.



There are three types of waters in Poland in terms of fishing:

Here also lake species: a common bream, tench, perch, roach, catfish and northern pike

Species: a grayling, salmon, trout

Species: a sole, cod, herring, flounder, sprat, turbot, coregonus

Fishing is the most popular in lake districts. There are 7 major fishing regions in Poland.

Fishing regions in Poland:

Private and payable fisheries with special fish farming are also gaining popularity in recent years in Poland. Moreover, one of the most popular types of fishing are special sea fishing cruises during which groups of fishing enthusiast hire fishing boat and take special fishing cruises with professional fishermen.



Hunting is popular sport in Poland. Some game are widespread all over Poland. Such group consists of: a roe deer, wild boar, rabbits and partridge. Others can be found only in some parts of the country. This group consists of an elk, fallow deer, black grouse. The rarest in Poland are: an European mouflon, wolf, lynx and capercaillie (only a few hundreds in Poland).

The richest hunting areas of Poland include north-east parts of the country in regions such as warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship and podlaskie voivodship. Here we find especially a roe deer, cervus and elk. There are also a wild boar, fox and black grouse. In Suwalskie Lake District there is also a capercaille.

Wielkopolskie and Pomorskie Lake Districts in the northern and north-west part of Poland are also wealthy in terms of game. Here we can find a roe deer, cervus and wild boar.  

Bieszczady in south-east part of the country have also lynxes and wolves.

In Poland it is possible to acquire a hunting trophies which are acknowledged and recognized by CIC (the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation)


All in all, it is really worth to discover Poland as a destination for active sports performance and visit one of fishing or hunting regions of our country. ITS Poland DMC helps to orga nize fishing and hunting stays in Poland. Therefore, if you want to discover this region contact one of our group specialists.

Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date 6.10.2020