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Poland due to its geological location is potentially incredibly rich in thermal waters. Mineral and thermal springs are important to people’s health and the national economy. In general, waters of a temperature higher than the mean annual air temperature are called thermal waters and if warm enough are an excellent base for development of thermal resorts. Their occurrence is connected to post-volcanic phenomena and in Poland the borders of main geological platforms. Of course thermal resorts are located only in places where hot springs are considerably warmer than average temperatures. They vary in Poland ie. Cieplice Zdrój 44, Zakopane 36, Ciechocinek 36, Duszniki Drój 19 Celsius degrees. Most countries count waters above 20 Celsius degrees as the thermal ones. In this respect thermal waters are used for leisure but also for healing. 


Great majority of Polish thermal resorts are brand new, modern and big. Especially unique is gathering of many thermal resorts in Podhale region near Zakopane. In this area tourists can find 5 huge and modern thermal centres of this type. Poland can boast third place in Europe when it comes to thermal waters.


Thermal Resorts in Poland:


5 most often visited resorts by ITS Poland tourists:

Maltańskie Thermal Resort

The complex was opened in 2011 and is the biggest object of this type in Poland. The area of baths is 6 hectares and visitors can find here 18 sports and recreation swimming pools. 1000 m2 area is World of Saunas. There are also 17 SPA treatment rooms. The baths have 4 zones: the sport swimming pools, the water park (16 smaller and larger, deep and shallow pools, 13 water slides, the wave pool, the geothermal water pool, 2 salt water pools); the World of Saunas (14 types of saunas: dry, steam, colour and aromatherapy steam baths; there is also the salt graduation tower and the snow room), SPA in oriental design with ceremonies from Morocco, India and Turkey. Malta Baths is an ideal place for sport fans and pure relaxation.


Chochołowskie Thermal Resort

Termy Chochołowskie is a complex of thermal pools in quiet Chochołów, which is also the largest place of this type in Podhale region. This place is just a few minutes from the center of Zakopane. There are 30 pools (outdoor and indoor) and barrels filled with thermal water. Here, everyone will find a lot of attractions: geysers, a rushing river, an artifical wave, hydro massage stands, a sandy beach and a water playground outside in the summer season. For thrill seekers there is a slide with a trapdoor and two pontoon slides. For a moment of relaxation, they invite you to the textile dry sauna or the Salt Cave.


Bania Thermal Resort

Bania is located in Białka Tatrzańska, is one of the most modern and unique complex of thermal pools and saunas overlooking the Tatra mountains. The complex consists of indoor and outdoor recreational swimming pools, filled with thermal water at a temperature of 34 - 38 ° C. You will find there 14 pool basins, slides with a total length of over 300 meters, geysers, water cannons, jacuzzi, artificial waves and much more. In the Terma Bania there are three independent zones – fun, relax and sauna. Everyone will find something for themselves!


Bukovina Thermal Resort

It is an entertainment center for the whole family, a spa and rehabilitation complex. There are 20 thermal pools, as well as slides and swimming pools adapted to the needs of children. The water temperature in the pools ranges from 30 to 36 ° C. The water is extracted from a hole located on the North-Western hill of the Wysoki Wierch Mountain from a depth of about 2600 m. The water was determined as a sulphur-chlorine-calcium-sodium solution with a degree of mineralization of 1.5 g / dm3. It helps to eliminate ailments of the musculoskeletal system, joint pain, inflammation, strengthens the cardiovascular system, regulates the body's economy and speeds up the metabolism. The elements contained in the water are: sodium, calcium, chlorine, potassium, sulfur, magnesium and chromium. The complex is situated on the edge of the Tatra National Park.


Warmińskie Thermal Resort

It is situated in Lidzbark Warmiński and is the first thermal center in the north of Poland. The Olsztyn-Mazury Regional Airport is 75 km away. The complex is divided into several zones. Active zone is a place where you can swim and play. There is a sports pool, a paddling pool for children with a ship and a fountain, a seasonal wild river, a multi-purpose pool with a grotto and waterfalls, as well as slides and a jacuzzi. In the Relax zone you will find a therapeutic brine pool, a vital pool connected with a year-round outdoor pool and a hyperthermic pool. In Warmińskie Thermal Resort there is also a wellness & spa center and a sauna zone with indoor and outdoor saunas. In addition, there is a hotel, a bowling alley and an outdoor play zone with playgrounds and sports fields.


Although hot baths has been known already in Roman Empire nowadays, they have different character. Much more egalitarian and easily accessible for everyone with obvious health benefits, they not only tempt patients, but are also a destination for wide masses of tourists. Thermal complexes are perfect holiday destinations for families with children, and the separate sauna zones will be a great oasis for calmness and complete relaxation for the adults. Don’t wait any longer discover this marvellous, modern complexes still this year!


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 1.03.2021