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Interesting geological formations often attract tourists. One of the most spectacular forms come from erosional activity of flowing waters. Thanks to them we are able to admire gorges, ravines and valleys that are especially admirable in southern part of Poland.

The group of interesting water erosion geological formations in Poland can be divided into:

Mountain valleys and gorges in Poland

They are especially popular and magnificent in Tatra Mountains. Here we have to especially mention Kościeliska and Chochołowska Valleys that are both about 8 km long. Kościeliska Valley has also many side structures (Wawóz Kraków/Kraków Gorge) and caves along its trail. Another interesting George is Homole Gorge. It was carved by Kamionka stream in Pieniny Mountains rock range.


Highland valleys and gorges in Poland

Here the most interesting examples can be found near Sandomierz and Kazimierz Dolny towns. They are truly marvellous loess valleys, very popular among these popular tourist towns visitors. They were mainly created due to rain waters thanks to their soft geological bed. Bolechowicki Gorge in Kraków valleys region on the other hand was created in limestone formations and has completely different character. Finally, Prądnik Valley in Ojcowski National Park presents marvellous Jurassic rock formations and is an interesting natural attraction close to Kraków. 


Lowland valleys and ravines in Poland

Lowland valleys differ a lot from their highland and mountain counterparts. They mainly cut into hilly landscape created by ice sheets of the last ice age. In this group the most interesting examples are Radunia and Wałsza rivers ravines.


Some other interesting gorges include: Kamienna Gorge in Bałtów, Nysa Kłodzka Gorge in Bardo, Bolechowicki Gorge in Bolechowice, Borowy Ravine in Jelenia Góra, Mnikowska Valley in Mników and San Gorge in Rajskie.


Gorges popular due to its rivers

Looking from the water side, the most interesting gorge in Poland is Dunajec Gorge. It attracts tourists especially due to traditional rafting cruises along its way. They are especially picturesque in autumn when the deciduous forest on the gorge banks shines with a blaze of colours. Other interesting objects of this type include Szum River trail, Białka River trail (near Krempachy) and Sopot River trail (near Hamernia). Szum River trail has become especially popular in the recent years due to its revitalization.


All in all, we must say that ravines, gorges and valleys are a group of very attractive tourist destinations that should be included in most interesting sightseeing schedules. While Dunajec Gorge, Kościeliska and Chochołowska Valleys are the most popular objects of this type it is really worth to discover more objects of this type. If you would like to see them, contact ITS Poland group specialists that will help you to create the best travel schedule and stay in Poland.


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 5.11.2020