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Świnoujście is a unique town as it lays at 3 big islands (Uznam, Wolin, Karsibór) and 44 smaller uninhabited ones. It is also the furthest north-west town in Poland and it is inhabited by almost 41 thousand people. It is very Popular summer resort both for Polish and German tourist.

Every year, the surface of the city increases as sand is deposited on the beach by the Baltic sea currents. Due to these sands deposits by the shore, the coastline has grown by 1.5 km in the last 200 years and water is shallow. Currently, the beach is 200 meters at its widest stretch and has the length of 10 km, making the beach in Świnoujście the widest beach in Poland. It is also the warmest one taking into consideration water temperature. In summer, the currents raise the water temperature even to 25-26 °C. Świnoujście-Uznam beach also holds prestigious Blue Flag distinction which is the highest international note that a beach can receive.

The beach is surrounded by pine and beech forests, dunes and there is also a bird reserve with cormorants nearby. There are a lot of nature monuments and monumental trees, mainly yews, oaks, lime trees, plane trees, elms, pines and fir trees. In Świnoujście and its vicinity tourists will find numerous bicycle and canoe routes.

Świnoujście has a specific urban design resulting from the maritime character of the town. There are historic port buildings, but also tenement houses, numerous guesthouses and hotels. Świnoujście resort is based on two natural resources: peat and mineral waters (sodium chloride, iodide, ferric and bromide water). The spa provides treatment in the following illnesses: orthopedic and traumatic diseases, nervous system diseases, rheumatological diseases, cardiological diseases and hypertension, upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, obesity, endocrine diseases, osteoporosis and finally skin diseases. There are 15 official spa treatment facilities in Świnoujście: 2 spa hospitals, 11 spa sanatoriums, 1 natural medicine facility, and 1 spa clinic. There is also remarkable resort park.

Top Świnoujście attractions (in random order) include:

The most interesting tourist attractions by ITS Poland include:

Świnoujście Beach as mentioned before 10 km long, shallow with white sand and warm water. Destinguished by Blue Flag symbol.

Świnoujście Promenade is a pre-war boulevard stretching from the Polish-German border along the spa district. Along the promenade there are food outlets, cafes, bars, beer gardens, a concert shell, a casino and an aquarium.

Świnoujście Cruises are one of the pos sibilities to spending free time in the town’s area. White fleet is especially developed during summer months. Tourists can take advantage of cruises around the port, the Baltic Sea, Międzyzdroje and to the nearby German holiday resorts: Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. Morover, tourists can sail by catamaran to the island of Rügen.

Stawa Młyn windmill is a symbol of the town that you will see at all Świnoujście postcards and a navigation sign. According to a legend it is a place where sailors came to take compresses of health-promoting mud and one of them got rejuvenated. In this place tourists also admire the Western Breakwater.

Oceanarium is a small facility where tourists can see representatives of the underwater world such as sharks, piranhas, moray eels, rays, starfish, lionfish, puffers, arwans and anemones.

Świnoujście Museums

Sea Fisheries Museum - presents collections on the history of the town and the history of fishing. Tourists can also see an exhibition devoted to the flora of the Baltic Sea, as well as find out what tools fishermen used to use to catch fish. The museum is located in the former town hall. The building is one of the oldest in the city.

The Coastal Defense Museum in Świnoujście in Gerhard Fort is also known as the Eastern Fort. It is one of the forts of the Świnoujście Fortress and one of the best-preserved 19th century Prussian coastal forts in Europe. Moreover, it is also one of the few living museums in Europe where tourists can feel the taste of military service on their own skin. Visiting the fort takes the form of accelerated military training. Tourists visit the fortress under the care of a "mean" uniformed Prussian soldier. During the march around the grounds and the interior of the fort, visitors learn about its history, while undergoing several tests to check whether the candidate is fit for military service. Sightseeing takes about 75 min.

Museum of the History of the Świnoujście Fortress is situated in the West Fort. The fort was built on the Usedom (Polish: Uznam) island near the western breakwater. The museum consists of indoor and outdoor parts. The individual sections of the museum are illustrated with mannequins dressed in period uniforms and original small arms, communication equipment, many other props and archival photos. The open-air exhibition consists of cannons, sea mines, torpedoes, mines, depth charge launchers and rockets. The entire facility is surrounded by a water moat and covers an area of approximately 2 hectares, of which 1/3 are historic fortress casemates from the 19th century.

Underground City at Wolin Island is a network of underground corridors connecting several huge bunkers, hidden under the coastal dunes. During World War II, powerful cannons stood here and protected by hundreds of tons of concrete were to defend the Kriegsmarine base in Świnoujście. After the war, the complex was rebuilt and the bunkers were connected with a kilometers of underground corridors, creating a fully autonomous "underground city". Sightseeing the complex takes place in an interactive way under the supervision of a Polish soldier.

Świnoujście Lighthouse is the highest on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea and one of the tallest lighthouses in the world. It is made of bricks and exactly 308 steps leading to its top. It is available for tourists and it also has a small museum exhibition.


Summing up, Świnoujście seaside resort is a very interesting summer holiday destination with multitude of resort, marine, natural and military attractions. The town beautifully located at 44 islands, in magnificent natural surrounding of Wolin National Park is a place really worth recommendation. If you want to discover it yourself, contact one of ITS Poland specialists that will help you to organize all the details of a stay in our country.



Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 24.11.2020