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Every June in connection to the bank holiday of Corpus Christi, celebrated at Thursday in June many Poles and international tourists decide to take short break from work, starting from Thursday and ending on Sunday, to recharge batteries and enjoy warm weather. Check this ITS DMC Poland article to discover great locations for short June break with suggestions of the most interesting activities.


Best unobvious June short break destinations by ITS DMC Poland

  1. Ustka and Łeba
  2. Sandomierz and Kazimierz Dolny
  3. Toruń and Bydgoszcz
  4. Lublin and Zamość
  5. Szczecin and Wolin Island


Ustka and Łeba

Most people know that Poland lays at the Baltic Sea. Still, most don’t know that it has marvellous white sandy beaches. It is probably caused by the fact that Poland doesn’t have Caribbean climate and the winter here lasts for almost half a year. Still, June means the beginning of Polish summer when tourists can expect temperatures above 20 and even up to 35 Celsius degrees. This is why we believe that Ustka and Łeba (Baltic coast resorts) are marvellous short June break destinations. The best way to get there is to take plane to Gdańsk Wales airport. Łeba is about 2 h car trip from there and Ustka 2:20 h. Łeba is situated near Slowinski National Park where tourists can see enormous sand dunes and feel like on a desert. It has also multitude of family attractions such as Sarbsk sea theme park, dinosaur theme park, Discovery Park and Labyrinth Centre. On the other hand, Ustka is a beautiful seaside resort with a fish harbour, the beautiful sea promenade and park and many first-class hotels. ITS DMC Poland especially recommends staying in one of excellent Ustka hotels from where you will be able to relax at the seaside and spa and explore Łeba attractions from there.


Sandomierz and Kazimierz Dolny

Sandomierz is situated 2:30 h drive from Cracow Balice Airport. Kazimierz is located 2:20 h from Warsaw Chopin Airport. Therefore, both towns have quite good connection to two biggest Polish airports. The distance between Sandomierz and Kazimierz on the other hand is 1:20 h drive. Both small towns are probably two best example of weekend small town destinations in Poland. Kazimierz is a bohemian town full of art galleries and the most well-known site for artistic open air painting sessions. It is also often called the town of lovers. With multitude of attractions such as the Vistula cruises, museums, synagogue, loess ravine, castle ruins and additional castle ruins in Janowiec with thematic gardens for children it is a marvellous short break destination. Sandomierz on the other hand tempts with beautiful compact and original old town, underground town’s route, castle, cathedral, loess ravines, pepper mountains and also Vistula cruises. It is also a must to visit one of numerous vineyards in Sandomierz vicinity. No matter if you decide to book hotel in Sandomierz or Kazimierz you just have to take 1 day trip to the other town.


Toruń and Bydgoszcz

Both capital agglomerations of Kujavian-Pomeranian voivodship are not that obvious tourist destinations as e.g., Cracow, Gdansk or Warsaw but are equally interesting and probably more surprising for majority of tourists. First of all, there is Toruń, a complete Medieval complex of two old towns enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. Here, a stroll in the Medieval Streets is a must. Moreover, Toruń is a birthplace of Nicholaus Copernicus and a Polish capital of astronomy. Tourists just have to visit Copernicus House with modern museum exhibition, visit Toruń’s Planetarium and visit Astronomy Observation Centre in Piwnice. Toruń also welcomes tourists with a legend about Toruńs gingerbreads and invites tourists to learn how to prepare them in one of two living gingerbread museums. On the other hand, Bydgoszcz invites tourists to the city centre and the mills island. Here tourists usually visit Dirt Museum, enjoy the greenery of Bydgoszcz canals and complex of water locks and sightsee Exploseum, the interesting, modern museum of explosives factory from WWII. Both agglomerations have really much to offer to tourists though they have completely different character. ITS DMC Poland also advices to visit Ciechocinek resort while in Toruń as it is in a close proximity. There tourists can relax in numerous parks with flower beds and inhale healing air by truly original and huge brine graduation towers.    


Lublin and Zamość

The best way to get to Lublin is fly to Warsaw Chopin Airport and then trip to Lublin takes about 2:30 h. Lublin is the biggest Polish city located at the eastern border and it stands in place where influences of many cultures and nations have met. Tourists in Lublin usually stroll along streets of the Old Town, sightsee cathedral and underground Lublin route, and Lublin Countryside Museum. They also visit Lublin Castle with magnificent Holy Trinity Chapel. It is a mast to take a trip to Majdanek Museum in former Nazi German Death Camp to pay tribute to WWII victims. In close vicinity of Lublin tourists should also see by ITS DMC Poland Nałęczów Resort, Kozłówka Palace, Kazimierz Dolny and foremost Zamość Town. Zamość is enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List as fully surviving Renaissance perfect town. It has beautiful compact old town with interesting museums especially Arsenal and churches. Each tourist should plan at least 1 day there. Zamość is situated about 1:20 drive from Lublin.


Szczecin and Wolin Island

They are located the furthest to the north-west of Poland. To get there it is the best to fly to Szczecin Goleniów airport. Szczecin is a star shape city that is one of the most important Polish harbours although it is not strictly situated at the Baltic Sea. Tourists here usually visit Wały Chrobrego Promenade, the old town, Szczecin Underground Routes, Breakthrough Dialog Centre and Philharmonics Building. ITS DMC Poland advices also to book a concert tickets to the philharmonics. It is possible also to take numerous cruises from the city centre. Wolin Island is unique due to its size (the biggest only Polish Island) and natural environment. Tourists can find here Wolin National Park with a museum and European Bison Sanctuary. The main tourist attractions include Świnoujście city, Świnoujście lighthouse and bunkers, the Underground City, Turquoise Lake, Międzyzdroje Town and Wolin Open Air Museum. Summing up, all the attractions at a small area make Szczecin and Wolin excellent destination for a June long weekend.


Poland is still undiscovered by a wider mass of tourists. Majority of Polish trips include Cracow or Warsaw area only. This is why it is really worth to go out of the beaten track and check some other interesting locations during June weekend that is soon to come. If any of the above locations caught your interest, please feel free to contact our group specialists that will help you to plan and organise the best possible trip to Poland. Check ITS DMC Poland offer still today!


Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date 14.05.2021