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Do you crave for snow but you don’t ski? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. It is also for all of the skiiers that want to rest from skiing slope. Zakopane is called winter capital of Poland for a reason. It offers not only skiing activities but much more. Read ITS-Poland Polish travel agency article to learn more about the best winter Zakopane attractions.


Winter Zakopane attractions:


Snowlandia is the snow fun complex that every year is built by Wielka Krokiew Ski Jump. It consists of a snow labyrinth, snow building, toboggan run, igloo with snow figures and mini zoo. The snow labyrinth is the largest building of this type in Poland and in the world. Snow buildings change every year, there already was for example a castle and a pyramid. It takes about a month to produce artificial snow and build the entire labyrinth and it is possible only in freezing temperatures. It is an outstanding place to visit.

Zakopaney valleys such as Chochołowska Valley or Kościeliska Valley are outstanding places to visit. Both of them end with mountain shelters where tourists can get worm food and beverages. Therefore, they are amazing places to visit to admire snow, landscape and enjoy mountain shelters atmosphere.

Lately, in Zakopane area many thermal water complexes were built. They are new and well maintained and base their offer on thermal waters rich in this area. This is where many winter swimming pool photos are made by tourists. The most popular resorts of this type include: Bukovina Thermal Resort, Bania Thermal Resort, Chochołowskie Thermal Resort, Szaflary Thermal Resort and Zakopane Aquapark. All of them are excellent places to relax and get warm after earlier winter activities.

Kulig is traditional snow sledges event. The are performed in horse sleighs driven by highlanders in traditional outfits. Usually, kulig events end with a bonfire and they are truly memorable. Most often they are organized at Butorowy Wierch or in Dolina Kościeliska.

Snowmobiles are a great winter fun. There are 1 or 2 people snowmobiles, you can drive them on your own or with a guide. Snowmobile ride can last an hour, 2 hours or 3 hours, the activity can end with a bonfire or kulig event. Snowmobiles can be driven both during a day and night. They offer unforgettable snow activities.

Dog sledding is another snow activity that is usually organized in an original tipi complex at Butorowy Wierch summit. We quite often join it with a bonfire and a bonfire with a meal in the tipi complex. During the one-hour meeting, tourists have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the dogs and sled equipment and choose from 2 to 5 km ride. There is also time to play or take photos with the dogs.

Bonfire with traditional highlanders dishes is an excellent way to warm up after snow activities. It can be ordered as a side event during other winter activities. Example dishes include: “Moskol” with garlic butter, Kwaśnica Sauerkraut soup with ribs, soup from mountain herbs made on buttermilk, stuffed cabbage with peas, noodles with buttermilk and sauerkraut.

An ice rink is also another good alternative to skiing. We especially recommend ice rink located in the Central Sports Center. Olympic Preparation Center in Zakopane is the largest (1,800 sq m) and fastest ice rink in Podhale, enjoying great popularity every year by ice skating enthusiasts. An additional attraction when using the ice rink is the possibility of using the professional ice track located around it. On the other hand Tatra Ice Rink is located in the very center of Zakopane - Górna Rówień Krupowa, in the immediate vicinity of the most popular promenade in Poland, i.e. Krupówki. Its area is as much as 600 m2, so up to 150 people can use it at the same time. Tourists can use the ice rink on their own skates, and for people who do not have skates, a modern professional skate rental service is available, operating during the opening hours of the ice rink.

Of course it is crucial to admire Zakopane Panoramas. We advise to do it at two summits Gubałówka and Kasprowy Wierch. Gubałówka offers Zakopane and Tatra panorama, Kasprowy Wierch allows to see some of the highest Polish Tatra peaks. To and back from Gubałówka it is worth to take the funny funicular train and the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch. Both rides assure amazing views and pure relax.

It is also worth to see Wielka and Mała Krokiew ski jumps. First of all, they are interesting sights of sport events taking place every year in Zakopane. Moreover, they are just interesting sights as buildings and finally, there is Snowlandia complex just nearby. 

Highlanders music and cuisine are one of the most interesting points at famous Krupówki promenade. In many restaurants it is possible to order meals with such shows. A regional musician will definitely familiarize guests with many highlander instruments: violin, bass, bagpipe, pipe and more... We recommend to organise a folk party with a real highlanders band and many attractions from the Podhale region. During an evening in local folk restaurant ITS Poland offers a party called "Góralskie Śpasy" which means Highlanders games during which we organise a casting for the best “Baca” (a real hard highlander) and “Gaździna" (a real highlander housewife). It is also possible to organize highlanders clothes trying on and a photoshoot.  

The above mentioned activities are just a fraction of all attractions awaiting tourists in Zakopane, which is truly winter capital of Poland. If you want to experience them on your own, contact ITS Poland specialist to plan truly unforgettable stay in the capital of Polish Tatras. Whether you like skiing or not, Zakopane will offer great winter fun for you, your family and friends.

Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska