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If you happen to be winter sports fun and want to enjoy all the beauties of winter, there is no better way to do it than on skiing holidays. We want to present to you the best Polish skiing resorts and skiing slopes. Polish ski resorts greatly vary in terms of size, quality and modernity this is why a small research before your holiday booking is a good idea.


We want to cite the results of Onet Travel Portal that every year test skiing resorts and prepares their ranking.

The full, original ranking is available at Onet Travel Portal here.  


Onet in its testing takes into consideration:


The best Polish ski resorts can be divided into small and big resorts.


The best small skiing resorts in Poland by Onet Travel Portal:

  1. Kasina Ski
  2. Ski Suche
  3. Wisła Skolnity
  4. Karpacz Biały Jar
  5. Czarna Góra – Koziniec
  6. Witów-Ski
  7. Spytkowice
  8. Istebna Złoty Groń
  9. Czarna Góra-Litwianka
  10. Zwardon-Ski


The best big skiing resorts in Poland by Onet Travel Portal:

  1. Szczyrk
  2. Białka Tatrzańska
  3. Zieleniec
  4. Sienna-Czarna Góra
  5. Krynica Jaworzna
  6. Zakopane – Kasprowy
  7. Szklarska Poręba – Szrenica
  8. Tylicz
  9. Pilsko
  10. Słotwiny Arena


The longest slopes in Poland

by ski info include:

  1. Zakopane – Kasprowy Wierch: Kocioł Goryczkowy > Kuźnice, length 5400 m, height difference 927 m, average slope 17 %
  2. Korbielów – Pilsko: Pilsko > Baba, length 4400 m, height difference 757 m, average slope 17%
  3. Szczyrk COS: Skrzyczne > Szczyrk (FIS), length 3300 m, height difference 587 m, average slope 19%
  4. Szklarska Poręba – Ski Arena Szrenica: Szrenica > Szklarska Poręba, length 3100 m, height difference 587 m, average slope 19%
  5. Dwie Doliny Muszyna – Wierhomla: Jaworzynka > Szczawnik, length 2600 m, height difference 373 m, average slope 14%
  6. Szczyrk SON: Małe Skrzyczne > Czyrna, length 2500 m, height difference 586 m, average slope 23%
  7. Jaworzyna Krynicka: Jaworzyna Krynicka > Lower Gondola Station, length 2400 m, height difference 452 m, average slope 19%
  8. Myślenice: Chełm > Myślenice, length 2400 m, height difference 313 m, average slope 13%
  9. Karpacz – Kopa: Kopa > Karpacz, length 2300 m, height difference 523 m, average slope 23%
  10. Świerardów Zdrój: Upper station of gondola > Lower station of gondola, length 2300 m, height difference 416 m, average slope 18%. 


Below you will find descriptions of 3 the best of the big skiing resorts:

Szczyrk Skii Resort

Szczyrk is situated in the southern Poland in Silesia Region. It is a tourist town with less than 6 thousand inhabitants. It is 103 km from Kraków (about 2 h ride) and 80 km from Katowice (about 1:15 h ride). Szczyrk has been one of the favorite resorts of Polish skiers for years. There are a number of ski stations in Szczyrk. The union of three ski stations in Szczyrk offer 40 km of ski runs on one ski pass. Recently, the lifts have been modernized, the routes have been connected with one common pass, new restaurants and parking lots have been built, and free ski buses bring tourists to the slopes. In Szczyrk, there are 23 routes of varying difficulty for skiers and snowboarders. The shortest is 560 m, and the longest is 2810 m. The slopes can be accessed by one of 12 cable cars or ski lifts. All this makes this place truly worth recommending.


Białka Tatrzańska

Białka Tatrzańska is a village 23 km from Zakopane (Polish winter capital) and 102 km from Kraków (about 1:45 h ride). In Kotelnica Białczańska Resort in Białka Tatrzańka there are as many as 25 routes of various difficulty levels. From green, very easy ones, dedicated to beginner skiers, through easy (blue) runs, to difficult ones marked in red. The longest of them is 1900 m (easy), and the shortest 110 m (very easy) - a total of 14 kilometers of ski trails. Kotelnica is also eagerly visited by cross-country skiers due to its 5 well-prepared routes. There are also 12 ski lifts and 9 chairlifts in the resort.



Zieleniec is a village situated in Kłodzko Valley about 122 km from Wrocław (about 2 h drive). The resort’s history dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The microclimate in Zieleniec is the closest in Poland to the conditions in the Alps. Snow is here on average 150 days a year, which provides skiers and snowboarders with excellent conditions. Snow lovers can find here 23 km of slopes, 29 cableways and lifts, including 6 modern chair lifts. The ski infrastructure here is extremely rich.


Summing up, during winter season Poland has interesting ski resorts to offer, so it is worth to discover Poland also in winter. ITS-Poland DMC helps to organize skiing holidays in all the above mentioned places, just contact one of our professional advisors. We will help you with all your stay details: flights, transfers, ski passes, skiing equipment, hotel and restaurant bookings. Just check us!



Author: Agnieszka Szwedzińska

Date: 7.12.2020