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Tracking a sea eagle is an enjoyable pastime at the Baltic Sea, especially in Wolin National Park, as it is also one of its greatest symbols.

Location and history of Wolin

Wolin, located near Szczecin and Świnoujście area, is b eautifully set between waters of the Baltic Sea, the Szczecin Bay and the Dźwina River. These waters are successfully moving into the land, creating cliffs and other nature's phenomenons.

Wolin is a Polish island, however, its history, dating back to the 9th century, show a huge influence of the Vikings. That were the times of a big trade importance of the place. To commemorate this significance, Viking performances take place in Wolin during the summer.

Wolin & Międzyzdroje

In the city of Wolin and in Wolin National Park tourists have at t heir disposal a regional museum, barrow cemetery on the hill, a monument of the Slavic God Triglav, St. Nicolas’s church from the 13th century and a medieval stronghold.

Apart from that, in the nearest surrounding, one can easily find a town of Międzyzdroje. Being located at the seaside, it offers not only the close proximity to the Wolin National Park, but a lovely marinistic environment as well, with plenty of places to stay and relax. Międzyzdroje provides also picturesque, vast, sandy beaches and high standard facilities.

The museum in Międzyzdroje is another noteworthy place for it has many natural exhibits, such as the bison breeding station . Nearby, tourists can admire scenic Turquoise Lake which was formed only 50 years ago, when the surrounding waters flooded an old chalk mine.


Another place worth visiting is Świnoujście – a town of spa resorts, broad sea coast and vivid plants. It can be reached by crossing Wolin Island and going to Uznam Island, which is partly Polish and partly German. Such attractions as the ferry crossing, spa park, aquarium, a fishing museum, and the most significant for the place windmill seamark are available here.

All these points were interestingly designed for the visitors’ pleasure. You can use the help of a local DMC Agency which will surely choose the right one for you.

Smaller but not least interesting towns near Wolin National Park

Sightseeing in the area can be continued in Kamień Pomorski – a charming town with a history of spa treatments. The next seaside resort is Dziwnów. From this point, going further north, there awaits a Gothic church in the town of Trzęsacz. The ne ighbouring town of Rewal offe rs a modern church decorated with ornaments from a historic chapel.

If one wants to see the lighthouse, they are welcome to arrive in Niechorze. Here, visitors can take the gauge railway and travel to Trzebiatów, which is a town with numerous tourist attractions. Among them, there are an old church, a penance cross or the fragments of the defence walls with gates and towers.

Another old town in the area is Gryfice with a water mill and a Gothic church, as well as some old fortifications.

The area is also abundant in smaller old towns and various attractive places. In Płoty, tourists can see an old and neo-Renaissance castles, as well as ruins of a medieval castle. In Nowograd, there is a 14th century church and fragments of defence walls. Finally, in Goleniów, visitors can enjoy also a 14th century church, fragments of defence walls and the museum on the Ina River.

Wolin National Park – charm all year around

As you can see, lands surrounding Wolin National Park are picturesque, captivating and definitely worth seeing. Wolin Island a great tourist destination not only during summer, but also at any other time of the year.

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