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Drawa National Park

Leśników 2, 73-220 Drawno


Drawieński National Park is situated in the north-western part of Poland and covers the area of Drawska Forest in Drawa river basin. 83% of the park are forests, mainly consisting of beech, oak and pine trees. 10% consists of lakes (as many as 20) and rivers. The biggest lake is Ostrowiec but the most unique one is Czerne Lake. The park area is 1153.95 hectares. The landscape is typical for young postglacial areas developed at outwashed materials. There are 900 flora species, 30 fish species, 130 nesting bird species and 50 mammals here. The symbol of the park is a European Otter. In the park tourists will find 91 km of walking paths and 6 picnic areas by Drawa river. Many types of tourism are possible: walking, cycling, horse riding, kayaking and fishing. Drawieński National Park is just perfect for all people who value forests, water, peace and quiet and contact with pristine nature

Drawa National Park

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