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Hospitality & Flexibility are the Key!

We understand that travelling nowadays brings more questions than usual.
Here you will find answers to most common doubts and our worry-free booking terms:

Where can I find status of my trip?

Our trip coordinators will be in constant contact with you, informing about any vital changes and restrictions introduced. They will update all trip details with you a month and a week before your group arrival (also earlier every time you feel that you need more information).

What happens if my trip is cancelled?

In the unfortunate event your trip has to be cancelled, we will be in touch immediately and be able to select one of the possible options on your booking:

  1. Move to a new date
  2. Convert your booking into an account credit
  3. Full or partial refund depending on your booking conditions and time before your planned departure

Is there one cancellation policy for all tours?

Canceling a booking due to the coronavirus situation depends on several factors, including where you are going, your country of origin, the date you plan to arrive, and the reason you are traveling. Individual rules are set by the property with which you made your reservation. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to make one general cancellation policy for all the bookings. Still, before your booking, we will inform you about all the cancellation terms and conditions of a given trip.

Will I be subject to an additional fee for rescheduling the booking?

If you do it 31 days before you planned arrival and if you change your booking date to one that is available, there may be a difference in price (the price may be higher or lower). This may be due to seasonality or other weekday and weekend prices. If the price is higher, you will have to pay the price difference to the original price. If the price is lower, the price difference will be reflected in your booking.

If my trip is cancelled and I choose to move to a new date or take credit, can I swap it for a refund later?

If your decision is made earlier than 30 days before your group arrival and particular hotel conditions do not state otherwise it is possible. We always extensively inform our customers about particular hotels cancellation policies at the point of confirming reservation. If any attractions admissions have non-refundable terms we also inform about that before booking.

I no longer want to travel, what are my options?

We have introduced new flexible booking policies designed to give you more control of your booking. If you no longer want to travel most trips now offer free date changes and free cancellation up to 31 days before departure. Your exact options will depend on the status of your trip, your booking terms and conditions and how much notice you give your local host.

Can I transfer my booking to someone else?

In majority of situations it is possible, there are only a few examples of attractions such as eg. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum where it is limited

My trip is in a destination that still has travel restrictions. When will I know if it is going ahead or being postponed?

We don’t want you to have any costs for a trip that does not occur. We will therefore check the situation before any of the prepayments are to be made. In each case we will contact you and together decide about our later proceedings. In majority of such situations cancellation terms and conditions can be renegotiated to give us more flexibility.

My trip is in a destination that still has travel restrictions. Do I have to pay my balance or can I wait and see what happens?

We will contact all our suppliers on your behalf to check if it is possible to postpone payment and try to make it as late as possible. Just to give us as much flexibility as possible.

I can see that your country has opened its borders but you aren't running all your attractions yet - why not?

Even once a country has reopened its borders it may still take some time for us to get trips up and running again, due to some restrictions and time needed for our suppliers to reopen their facilities, so we appreciate your patience. Your safety, as well as the safety of our local hosts, their guides and partners, will always be our top priority.

What happens if official travel advice updates while I am away to warn against all but essential travel in my destination?

The official advice from your government in this scenario is that if you are able to leave, you should do so.

We will work with your local host to facilitate this as soon as possible and keep you and your emergency contacts informed of the situation.

All expenses for alternative travel, testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you. It is important that you have travel insurance that covers such costs incurred due to Covid-19.

With respect to your booking, in extraordinary circumstances like these where your trip has to be curtailed, we will treat your booking as if it were cancelled, and work out an offer of credit towards a new trip, or partial refund based on the proportion of the trip that was cancelled.

You should also contact your travel insurance provider to confirm your options.

What happens if travel advice changes just before I travel and now warns against all but essential travel to my destination?

If your government advice changes from travel being permitted to now being against all but essential travel, and you are due to travel within 31 days, your local host will have no choice but to postpone your trip. At this point we will be in touch to confirm this and the options available to you.

What happens if there is a travel advice update while I am away and I will now have to quarantine on my return from holiday?

We will try to help immediately the best we can. Still, depending where you are on the trip it may not be possible to change the route or itinerary.

All expenses for alternative travel, testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you. It is important that you have travel insurance that covers such costs incurred.

In this scenario your host is unlikely to be able to offer any sort of refund for any portion of the trip not used.

What happens if I am unable to travel because of a local lockdown, or if track and trace (or equivalent) tells me to self-isolate?

In extraordinary circumstances like these that significantly affect your ability to join a booked trip, we will treat your booking we will every time negotiate with our suppliers possibilities of full or partial refund. They will of course depend on cancellation policies that we agree on before booking.

What can I expect in terms of safety measures on the trip?

You can expect:

  1. Expert guides:
    Our local guides are experts in their field: that’s why we’ve worked alongside them for years, and have curated amazing, unique and safe trips with them. They monitor the local situation in their country and the specific locations where the trip runs very closely and will apply all the appropriate safety measures set out by the Polish government.
  2. Small groups:
    You decide how big your group is going to be, on the structure of rooms (we can ensure majority of SGL rooms if needed), and how many seats in coaches will be occupied.
  3. Fresh air:
    Our prepared special trips “Far from the maddening crowd” which are experiences off the beaten track and into the wild, exactly where you want to be after all these days in lockdown.
  4. Excellent hygiene standards:
    All hosts have introduced enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for all equipment, gear and facilities used as part of a trip, including transportation, with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points.
  5. Responsibility from fellow travellers:
    We ask all travellers to respect local requirements and to bring a face covering – be it buffs or face-masks. In line with the government protocols, every effort will be made to obey all the restriction laws. We also ask every traveller to ensure they are fit to travel, and if you are in any doubt – we’ve made things as flexible and simple as possible if you do need to cancel or move your booking.

All trip organizers that are resuming arrivals will be informed about any changes to the itinerary or inclusions, along with the specific safety measures being introduced on any trip according to current pandemic situation.

What happens if I start to show Covid-19 symptoms while on a trip?

If you or any member of your group develops Covid-19 symptoms during a trip, your local host will assist you to get medical attention as soon as possible.

It is important that you have travel insurance that covers medical costs incurred due to Covid-19.

While your local host will assist you to get all the care you require, all expenses for testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you.

What happens if my flights are cancelled but the trip is still going ahead?

First of all you should contact the airline to confirm the options available to you, including alternative flights and/or refunds.

We understand how frustrating this can be so feel free to contact your group coordinator in our support team and we will help you to search for alternative flight options too.

We’ll do our best to find a way to get you out on your trip and if that’s not possible move your booking to a later date or convert it to account credit.

Should I buy travel insurance?

Yes. You should always take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance as soon as you book.

This should cover you for the activities you are undertaking and any care you require as a result of injury, including all expenses for testing, treatment or self-isolation due to Covid-19.