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Gdynia Emigration Museum

1 Polska Street, Gdynia, 81-339


The Museum of Emigration in Gdynia (Polish: Muzeum Emigracji w Gdynii) was just opened on 16.05.2015. It is located in the historic maritime station at 1 Polska Street. Since 1933 the building was used to serve the emigrant movement and it was the place from where hundreds of thousands people started their journey into the wide world. The museum exhibition tells the story of emigration from Polish lands since 19th century until current times. The modern, multimedia exhibition shows the scale of Polish emigration and highlights the value and role of Polish Diaspora around the world. Thanks to the exposition, viewers will have the opportunity to make a journey across time and continents to see how everyday life looked like and where people travelled. The museum is also an archive of emigrant stories, more than 200 life testimonies were gathered from famous and also ordinary Polish emigrants. The museum has also already gathered 4000 objects connected to the topic. The museum area is almost 6 thousand square meters. Among other museum attractions there are a cinema, book store, restaurant and café, all in unique, industrial scenery of the maritime station.

Emigration Museum Gdynia

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