8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Mandoria City of Adventure

1 Dąbrowskiego Street, Rzgów, 95-030

Mandoria City of Adventure


Mandoria is the first year-round amusement park in central Poland, and at the same time the largest theme park in Europe located in the building. The theme and styling of the Park is based on the Renaissance, 16th-century port city. Thanks to the work of an international team of artists, visitors to the park will travel back in time. After crossing the gate of the City of Adventure, cobbled alleys lead visitors to several districts that differ in appearance and function. Mandoria has its own square and market, a bay with a port, as well as a bank, a souk, a bazaar, three restaurants, a cafe and the Trzy Bells bar. In such surroundings, there are several attractions prepared for guests of all ages. Each of them is stylized and integrated into the surroundings so as to be a natural part of the city. The big attraction of Mandoria is also the opportunity to meet the inhabitants of the City of Adventure. In the amusement park thera are family roller coasters as well as classic carousels and boats floating on the water.They all have their own unique names and are styled according to the theme of the park. The most important ones include: the Merkant roller coaster, Leonardo's Lighthouse - bicycles floating above the ground, the Galeon spinning in the port, the Treasury - that is, a labyrinth of mirrors hiding many secrets, a two-level Venetian carousel Caravan, or a chain carousel Jewel. Mandoria is an amusement park for the whole family.

Please note that ITS-Poland works with groups only (10 participants and more).