8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Podkarpacka Destylarnia Okowity in Długie

123 Sanok Street, Długie, 38-530

Podkarpacka Destylarnia Okowity in Długie


Podkarpacka Destylarnia Okowity was founded in 1880. The distillery was producing spirit since its inception. Initially only from potatoes, then from rye and wheat. At that time, the raw material came only from the local manor fields. The final product of the distillation was called spirit. It was supplied to local inns and taverns in nearby towns. After World War II, the distillery continued to process potatoes from local farmers' fields and various types of cereals and apples, and the final product was raw spirit, which was entirely delivered to Polmos in Łańcut. In 2016, the new owner, Mr. Grzegorz, decided to prepare the plant for the production of traditional regional fruit and grain spirits. The grand opening took place in spring 2018. It is one of the first distilleries of this type in Poland. Its unique feature is the recreation of traditional production in the old manor distillery along with the spill and bottling of the final product - spirit and regional liqueurs. A certain part of the distillate goes to the oak barrels of its own storage facility in order to obtain an unusual and unique taste. Podkarpacka Destylarnia Okowity is a plant that combines production with a "living museum of distilling", allowing you to visit and learn about the production process.

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