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River Rafting Krutynia River

Krutyń 18, 11-710 Piecki


Krutyń village, one of the places where you can start your journey, is situated 21 km from Mikołajki (21 min drive) and 83 km from Olsztyn (1 h 17 min). Krutynia trail is considered one of the most beautiful canoeing trails not only in Poland but also in Europe. The river along its course changes its character, crossing Piska primeval forest it is shallow and rapid, then it becomes a lowland river with picturesque meanders among shrubs. Tourists can admire not only the river and a wide variety of plants but also many birds. The trail also leads through Mazury Landscape Reserve. The whole trail has 116 km (60 km of which is stagnant water) and tourist need about 9 days to cover all of it in a canoe. The biggest body of water along the trail is Mokre Lake (Wet Lake) which is 8 km long and has the area of 815 hectares. Of course you don’t need to cover the whole river at once. Local companies offer a few hours, weekend and a few days trips. Campsites are about 13 km from one another along the whole trail. Krutynia canoeing trip is unforgettable adventure and amazing opportunity to meet pristine nature.

River Rafting Krutynia River

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