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Stutthof Extermination Camp Museum

90 min 6 Muzealna Street, Sztutowo, 82-110


Sztutowo (Stutthof) is a small town about 65 km from Gdańsk in which during WWII there was a German Nazi extermination camp. The museum was created in 1962 thanks to former prisoners actions. In the area of about 20 hectares, visitors can see part of the Old Camp, the gas chamber, the reconstructed crematorium, the commanding officer headquarters and garages, the garden and greenhouses areas and the monument commemorating camp victims. The camp can be visited individually or with a group and museum guide. In the camp visitors can also watch some historic movies about the camp. Every year the museum is visited by about 100-130 thousand people who want to learn more about the history of this horrific place. A visit in the museum due to its traumatic history is not advisable for children below 13 years of age.

Stutthof Extermination Camp Museum

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