8 Kolobrzeska, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Some conferences are more interesting and challenging for us than others. Here we want to share with you some details of a conference that took place in April of 2015 in Gdańsk in Scandic hotel. It was a three day conference of our Norwegian client for 55 guests. The most interesting parts for us were meeting equipment requirements and translators services. First of all, the group needed translators from 5 languages to Chinese and the other way round. This required 10 translators, special booths for them for simultaneous translation and electronic equipment enabling sending correct translation to the conference members headphones. Moreover, the group also needed a voting system that we have also provided. All in all, the group set a challenge for us but it was successfully met. What is more, in the evening of last day there was a farewell banquet dinner with a live band show. We have organized for that special laser lightening arrangement for walls, a console for a Norwegian DJ and some beautiful table decorations for the banquet tables called snowy fairy-tale land. All in all it was a very nice event and we were very happy that we could have added our contribution to it.