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If you are looking for a very original incentive, we want to offer you the idea used by our clients in November. They visited Saudi Arabia. You will probably ask if it is possible at all, because this country has always been closed. The answer is yes, because after years of alienation in September 2019, the country has finally introduced tourist visas and thus opened to the people from around the world. Finally, it gives people from outside Arab countries the opportunity to visit. Our group chose to visit Riyadh, and we enabled them to stay in the country by organizing, among others, tourist flights and visas. Saudi Arabian leaders recognised the importance and economic gains and is seeking to alleviate the law and welcome more tourists in the years to come. As part of the process, Saudi Arabia is constructing a giant resort called "the most modern city in the world", they also invest in the restoration of the historic monuments and places of interest. Riyadh - the capital of the country - has over 5 million inhabitants and is an important administrative, cultural and commercial centre. The main attractions of the city are Al. Faisalyah Centre, Kingdom Centre, Museum of the Royal Saudi Air Force and Fort Masak. The Prophet's Mosque (the second-most holy Islam after Mecca) and the modern King Fahd's Dike are both located near Riyadh as well.