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Have you ever had a chance to visit a country where you had to obtain special visa before departure? Quite often it is the factor that discourages many travellers from a visit in a foreign country. ITS Poland has an easy solution for that. We can become your visa agents. We have a vast experience in organizing visas to such countries as India, Russia, Canada, Turkey, China and Saudi Arabia for Polish citizens. You don’t need to fill inn any embassy forms or visit any embassy officials, we will do it for you. Our workers often also help with eTa authorization for tourists travelling to Canada and Waiver to the United States. Sometimes, our clients learn quite late that they travel to a country that requires visa and it gets challenging to meet all visa requirements. We have such memorable situation that we want to share with you. The whole case was about a doctor travelling to India. It was a last minute trip, so we were in a hurry. It appeared that we need a special photometric photo of the client for visa purposes. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to visit a photographer. This is why one of the nurses in his hospital took a photo of him (still in his operational outfit), then one of our workers went to a photographer to print necessary photos in correct dimensions that we have sent to Indian Embassy in Warsaw. We managed to receive visa in time and a whole trip was a success, which we are really proud of. Sometimes we joke with our client that the surgeon was able to apply for his visa almost from the operating room.